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Me and my City Blue

I started riding my bike to work the week before I went to Cuba. Like I rode one day, nearly died trying to get home, and then went to Cuba for a week.

Then after Cuba, I started again. I’ve gotten better at it, but riding home still kills me. It’s straight up hill most of the way. But going to work is easy. The route is simple and not busy and I have gotten better with passing parked cars.

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I couldn’t say no to an eggs benedict hotdog

I was just going to walk over and check out the place. I wasn’t planning to buy anything but maybe french fries. Then we got there. And I looked at all the hotdog options and the Fancy Francine caught my eye. It is pretty much eggs benedict on a hotdog. I love eggs benedicts. I once ate eggs benedicts three Sundays in a row. In general I love eggs.

Today I actually made a salad for lunch but when lunch came around a co-worker was going to Fancy Franks (I think it opened last week) and I had to go along just for the walk and to see what was going on with this gourmet hotdog place. Continue Reading


Tech in Motion with Enlightli

Thursday night I stopped by the Tech in Motion event at MaRS. I love MaRS. A coworker and I went over after work, after stopping for a bite, to talk with other tech people and support our CEO who was moderating the panel. We hung our coats up and grabbed a drink and chatted with a few different people about what they are doing and what we are doing, and invited them to our event in April.

Just after 7 we took our seats and listened to Enlightli (above) pitch their idea to the crowd. Englightli was the winner of the Hardware Hackathon that I ran a couples week ago. So proud!

Then the panel started: Building a Connected Company: A Panel. The panel was really funny and all the guys did a great job answering the questions from the moderator and from the crowd. Continue Reading


HackerYou Cohort #5 – Also known as HamBun

Last night I popped over to Starbucks to grab a Soy chocolate chip thingy and over to the HackerYou Cohort #5 demo night! The students are finished on Friday! Yay! And one of my friends, Heather Banks, from the part-time course that I took in the fall went on to take the full-time program to learn a ton more about coding and building websites forever! (and get paid for it!)

So because I like supporting cool things and my friends I went over to check out the student projects and watch the demos. After catching up and looking at some of the projects we were ushered into the main room for the evening demos. Heather Payne (CEO of HackerYou) did a short introduction about what HackerYou is and does, and lead instructor Wes Bos followed up with more about what the class learned.

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3 Days of Hacking!

My face still hurts from talking, laughing, and smiling so much over the weekend. I also never thought I’d see myself as the person I became. Also this is hard to type as I burned my middle finger.

This weekend I spent three days running a Hardware Hackathon. I’m pretty sure by Saturday afternoon I was running on fumes from not being able to sleep Friday night. Saturday night, I also did not sleep very well. I was so tired I thought I was hilarious. Continue Reading


Nobody Cares about Startup PR

Yesterday I spent my lunch at a HighLine lunch talk about how to handle PR when you are a start up. The talk was done by Douglas from BetaKit.

It was very informative and I feel like a lot of what he spoke about was just generally good knowledge that could be used outside of PR and Startups.

Good PR can not create tractions. A good product does.

Douglas spoke about how good PR can create conversations about your product but in the end if your product isn’t good PR can’t help. It will only enable interest, which is just inbound marketing. Continue Reading


Steam Whistle Tour

Last night a group of my co-workers and I (plus my roommate) walked over to the Steam Whistle Brewery for a tour! Our New York staff member was in the city for two weeks and we wanted to provide him with something interesting in our city. And none of us had ever been.

The tour starts off with a small sample beer. You gather your group upstairs and put your coats and bags in closets (or behind the bar if you want to have your bag protected by the bar staff) and then end over to meet Betty (I think her name was Betty) the giant beer fridge. And then with a cold bottle of Steam Whistle in your hand the tour of the brewery starts. Continue Reading