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Photographer… or am I?

Depends who you ask really and they don’t even need to answer for me to know where they stand with what I do part-time.

When you plan to take family photos, and you hire a professional photographer to take them, you tend to dress up. You make sure you look nice, that your kids are clean and in cute clothes, that your family is well presented in these photos that you plan to share with the world around you. Continue Reading


Starting to feel like myself

I’m been a bit out of it since I got sick a month ago. On top of getting a cold, which lasted three weeks – started as a head cold, moved to a chest cold, to a cough that wouldn’t stop – the week after I thought it was gone I went to Las Vegas. The two weeks following that trip were jam-packed with a birthday and anniversary party, wrapping up planning for an international hackathon, a day of filming three videos, and all the little things I do day-to-day.

Then I went to Dublin to run the hackathon. I left on the evening of the 20th, and arrived back in Canada on the 25th. I had one day of work, that was probably the toughest work day I’ve had this year, and that is counting the days I was sick. Then the next day (the 27th) I left for Fargo (North Dakota) for what was supposed to be 6 days, but became 5. I’m so glad that I still took the 6th day off as vacation. Continue Reading


I’m not sure what I am, but I’m not a MisFit

I wrote this while at the Fargo Airport waiting for my flight at 4am on Sunday May 31. This was my initial reaction upon changing my flight to leave a day and a half early from the 2015 MisFitCon. 

What I learned from MisFitCon 2015 is that I am not this.

I am not an artist (upon saying this to my roommate she told me I was and I had to explain that I don’t want to make money from making art). I don’t want to be a photographer or to travel or to save the world. I really don’t. I’m betting on someone else doing that.

Continue Reading