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Starting to feel like myself

I’m been a bit out of it since I got sick a month ago. On top of getting a cold, which lasted three weeks – started as a head cold, moved to a chest cold, to a cough that wouldn’t stop – the week after I thought it was gone I went to Las Vegas. The two weeks following that trip were jam-packed with a birthday and anniversary party, wrapping up planning for an international hackathon, a day of filming three videos, and all the little things I do day-to-day.

Then I went to Dublin to run the hackathon. I left on the evening of the 20th, and arrived back in Canada on the 25th. I had one day of work, that was probably the toughest work day I’ve had this year, and that is counting the days I was sick. Then the next day (the 27th) I left for Fargo (North Dakota) for what was supposed to be 6 days, but became 5. I’m so glad that I still took the 6th day off as vacation. Continue Reading