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Darling You Can’t Do Both


Books I probably shouldn’t read?

Last night I finished Insurgent, the second book in the Divergent series. I have seen the movies for both of these books before borrowing my roommate’s copies to read. It’s interesting how different the ending of the movie was from the book. I think that they made a good choice in changing it for the film, it was better for the screen.

So! I went on GoodReads to update my 2015 book challenge and noticed this section of suggestions based on my “bookshelves”. Now, I have a bookshelf called “Gave Up”, where I save the books I never finish reading after removing them from the “Currently Reading” section shelf. It holds one book; Catch 22. And may soon hold Fall of the Governor Part 2, which I haven’t read in a really long time and once left in my car for a week because I didn’t care enough to go get it and I just started reading another book until I needed to use my car, but haven’t actually committed to giving up on it yet.  Continue Reading