Four Months of Crossfit

July 14th will mark four months of crossfit and a lot about me and my love of crossfit has changed in that time. I now go 5-6 times a week, usually Monday to Friday, and Sundays. I’m not big on partner workouts so I tend to skip Saturdays and run or just lift instead. Here is a wrap up of how my four months have gone!

My coach has gotten me over my fear my box jumps and I’ve stopped doing step-ups, unless my legs have gotten really tired from thrusters. I actually know the name of almost all the lifts/components! My front squat has gone from barley considered a squat at 55 lbs to ass-to-grass at 115lbs. I actually know how long it’ll take me to run 1000m (with a hill) and row 2000m. My shoulders have gone from weak (training bar only, 15lbs) to strong (100lb push press). I’m still working on my overhead squats, jerks, and snatches, I can get to about 75lbs and then I bail out.

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Crossfit Foundations

I’ve been watching the Crossfit Open the last couple of weeks and have been getting bored at the gym doing my own thing so I wanted to give this a try, everyone looks like they are having fun but that it’s super challenging, which is totally my kind of thing!

After looking at the different gyms (boxes?) in Toronto I picked one that is semi-close to my place, I still need to take transit, but they offer a variety of class times and a foundations program to help people get started. I really liked this idea! Also, their Instagram account showed me what the gym looks like, what their athletes are doing, and what they offer – which is great for someone with social anxiety that needs a little bit more information to get themselves doing something new, and alone. Continue Reading

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My gym favourites || Hi! I’m Erika!

Headphones: UrbanEars

Shoes: Nike Metcons 2 and Nike Fury

Tights: adidas

Water bottles: BlenderBottle Classic –

I’m going to post the Fuelshaker comments in it’s own video… I talked about it for a while

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Camp Counsellor

Once again it is Thursday and here I am finally getting around to commenting on my weekend. There is no vlog from this, although that would have been interesting. Only a couple of photos and memories to share.

This past weekend, sort of my official last weekend of the summer as I have gone back to school and started this week, I went with a friend to be a camp counsellor at the camp she went to as a kid. The weekend was called Women’s weekend and it was for older women, most looked between 40 and 80, many of who had kids attending the camp in the summer or friends who did.

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I once placed 4th in an 800m race – I was 12

When I was in grade 6 I went to a track and field meet. My school district had them every year and every kid in grade 4-8 had to participate, and the top 3 for each sport went to the district meet.

I was there for the 400m and another short run because I had placed 3rd in them both. Continue Reading