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Camp Counsellor

Once again it is Thursday and here I am finally getting around to commenting on my weekend. There is no vlog from this, although that would have been interesting. Only a couple of photos and memories to share.

This past weekend, sort of my official last weekend of the summer as I have gone back to school and started this week, I went with a friend to be a camp counsellor at the camp she went to as a kid. The weekend was called Women’s weekend and it was for older women, most looked between 40 and 80, many of who had kids attending the camp in the summer or friends who did.

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I once placed 4th in an 800m race – I was 12

When I was in grade 6 I went to a track and field meet. My school district had them every year and every kid in grade 4-8 had to participate, and the top 3 for each sport went to the district meet.

I was there for the 400m and another short run because I had placed 3rd in them both. Continue Reading


Cycling Gear

It has been about a month since I started riding my bike to work. It has been longer but there was a trip in the middle and some colds and work related items, so I am going with it’s been a month since I posted about riding to work.

On average I ride to work three times a week, as well as on weekends to run errands or visit people or the gym. It really cuts down on my travel time vs walking or the TTC and this usually means I can sleep longer. I’m all for things that allow me to stay in bed, like that xbox that turns on when I tap the controller.  Continue Reading


Wonder Pens – My Heaven

I love notebooks. Mini ones. Large ones. Ruled ones. Grid or dot ones. All types of notebooks. Paper anything really.

I have an addiction to notebooks and notecards and pens. There is a box under my bed of cute cards incase I ever need to send one. And a pile of mini colourful notebooks on my bookcase.

I know I have a problem.

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Me and my City Blue

I started riding my bike to work the week before I went to Cuba. Like I rode one day, nearly died trying to get home, and then went to Cuba for a week.

Then after Cuba, I started again. I’ve gotten better at it, but riding home still kills me. It’s straight up hill most of the way. But going to work is easy. The route is simple and not busy and I have gotten better with passing parked cars.

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