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Hoover Dam & Grand Canyon

On Tuesday we woke up early for the drive to the Grand Canyon. We made sure to grab breakfast from the hotel food court before leaving. On the way we stopped at the Hoover Dam. The visitor centre does have parking, but it is $10. If you are driving east there are free lots just over the bridge. Go for those.

We walked across the bridge… and then back… The water was not flowing, does it normally? It was pretty cool, but I mean there wasn’t much there. I did like that half the bridge is in Nevada and the other half is in Arizona. My mom loved the Art Deco bathrooms. Continue Reading


Spring Mountain State Park

The Monday that we were in Las Vegas we rented a car and drove to the outlet mall. The outlet mall is not too far from the south end of the strip and you can take a bus there if you do not want to rent a car. We shopped for a bit, and I was able to buy from Nike trainers for $40!! I also picked up a dress, some other clothes, a pair of flats.

After finished there we took highway (interstate?) 159 around the outside of the city into Rad Rock Canyon. We spotted Wild Burros on the side of the road. When you see a car pulled over and taking photos, you slow down because there is something good to look at! Continue Reading


Las Vegas

Last week I went to Las Vegas with my family (dad, mom, and aunt) for six days. Yay! It was amazing! It was better than I ever could have thought it would be and I only had a total of 4 drinks containing alcohol! That’s right! I was sober most of my time in Vegas, the city of sin? the city that never sleeps? While I slept a lot! I was in bed by 11pm most nights, one night I stayed up until 12am! What! And another I went to sleep at 10. Oh right! The first night I stayed up until 1am!, I was trying to timezone adjust my body and it worked.

There is so much to do in the city aside from drinking and gambling. I have broken this trip into three blog posts. One for what we actually did in Las Vegas, one for our trip to Spring Mountain State Park, and another for the day we spent at the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. Continue Reading