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Photographer… or am I?

Depends who you ask really and they don’t even need to answer for me to know where they stand with what I do part-time.

When you plan to take family photos, and you hire a professional photographer to take them, you tend to dress up. You make sure you look nice, that your kids are clean and in cute clothes, that your family is well presented in these photos that you plan to share with the world around you. Continue Reading


My Life with Running

I started running in grade 2. Every year we had the Terry Fox Run, and kids above grade 2 were suppose to run their laps and not walk them. So I did. I had no problem with running. I didn’t hate it. I didn’t really love it. It was just something I did from time to time.

In grade 6, I placed 3rd in our school’s track and field 400 meter race. I went on to place 6th overall in the school board’s track and field meet. (I also placed 1st in shot putt, is that what it’s called?) Continue Reading

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100 Creative Projects! #1 Sewing a Cover

I have decided to see how long it will take me to do 100 creative things. My plan was to finish it by the end of the year, but I started late and it turned out I would have to do 20 things in 30 days.

2015-08-05 18.19.20

I am so happy with this cover! My sewing machine now sits on my bookcase (with my penguin and Disney Mikey Ears) and it doesn’t stand out! It looks super cute and adorable! I love it! The blue bin to the right holds my sewing threads and needles. The above tray holds my running stuff, sunglasses, and whiteboard markers.

The stamps featured in this photo are Canada Superhero stamps that I was given when I was about 10 years old. The single one is a used stamp, and the row are unused ones. They were a gift from either my mom or grandma.

Leave a comment below of something creative you think I should do!


#plantparenthood: How to nurture nature

Guest Post By Rachel Ma

I often joke that my kids can survive on little water, bright light and a bit of neglect. This certainly holds true when the “kids” are what I call my house plants. Currently, I have two terrariums (7 weeks old), two air plants (7 months old), and a bunch of mini potted succulents (6-12 months old). Awww.

Here’s my big secret to keeping plants around for so long: #plantparenthood. I’m serious. Raise them as you would with anything that’s alive and breathing so think parenting, not planting. You wouldn’t just pour water on a kid and tell her to go sit in the sun all day. Well, it’s the same with plants. Water and sun are important but they also need the right surroundings to grow. Before I introduce any plant into my apartment, there are three big things I have to consider: Continue Reading


Painted Pots and Planted Flowers

Last weekend I went to Ikea with a friend (and co-worker) to pick up a new shelving storage unit for work. I also grabbed a half one for myself for the balcony and a plant, which I call the pineapple place, as it looks sort of like a pineapple in dirt.

On Saturday I decided it was time to actually plant the plants I had, which included the “pineapple” plant, and two seed coasters I had from DMZ. But I didn’t want to plant them in plain pots. I wanted to have a bit of colour on the metal grey shelf the plants live on.

Continue Reading


Terrariums for All!

Last week I grabbed a friend and we went to a terrarium workshop at The Gladstone! The Gladstone had sent out their monthly workshop list, I receive it now because I went to a ukulele one there a few months back (here), and they had listed a terrarium one! Yay! Plants! After noticing that they had a couples price, which was cheaper than placing two single tickets, and it is always more fun to go to these things with a friend, I asked my co-worker’s wife, and now friend Candace, if she would like to go with me! And she said yes!

We first stopped at WVRST for dinner before heading over to The Gladstone. Once there we grabbed some plants and a seat! They had tiny figures, but I had picked up a pack to ensure that we had some figures and that I would get the ones that I wanted. Continue Reading


Starting to feel like myself

I’m been a bit out of it since I got sick a month ago. On top of getting a cold, which lasted three weeks – started as a head cold, moved to a chest cold, to a cough that wouldn’t stop – the week after I thought it was gone I went to Las Vegas. The two weeks following that trip were jam-packed with a birthday and anniversary party, wrapping up planning for an international hackathon, a day of filming three videos, and all the little things I do day-to-day.

Then I went to Dublin to run the hackathon. I left on the evening of the 20th, and arrived back in Canada on the 25th. I had one day of work, that was probably the toughest work day I’ve had this year, and that is counting the days I was sick. Then the next day (the 27th) I left for Fargo (North Dakota) for what was supposed to be 6 days, but became 5. I’m so glad that I still took the 6th day off as vacation. Continue Reading


I’m not sure what I am, but I’m not a MisFit

I wrote this while at the Fargo Airport waiting for my flight at 4am on Sunday May 31. This was my initial reaction upon changing my flight to leave a day and a half early from the 2015 MisFitCon. 

What I learned from MisFitCon 2015 is that I am not this.

I am not an artist (upon saying this to my roommate she told me I was and I had to explain that I don’t want to make money from making art). I don’t want to be a photographer or to travel or to save the world. I really don’t. I’m betting on someone else doing that.

Continue Reading


I tried to celebrate my birthday in the middle of nowhere

First long weekend of the summer! Well I think it is still the spring? While most people I know were going away for the weekend to cottages or camping, I went to my mom’s Friday night to edit a video (this Thursdays baking video) and hang out with my cat.

Saturday started off with a hair cut, life update with my hair stylist and great friend Megan. I only had a couple of inches cut off to even out the layers. But I’m glad I did it, because I am enjoying this length more than before. After we were done, Megan went home to head off to a cottage. And I drove to Havelock to visit two other friends.

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March Favourites

Since my sister’s birthday has now passed, I can share my latest YouTube video! Click here to see it!

March is over! It’s spring! It’s still 0 in Toronto! 🙁 Here is a list of things that I loved this month!

Biroe Strips

Gah! I love these! I love the face ones! I dislike that I have to buy a box of the face and nose strips just to get the face strips. I don’t use the nose strips as much and now I have a collection growing of them, but I tweeted this to Biroe and they favourited it so I feel things might change as some point. The are so gross to look at and hurt so much to take off, but they clear my pores out so well! Continue Reading