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Wonder Pens – My Heaven

I love notebooks. Mini ones. Large ones. Ruled ones. Grid or dot ones. All types of notebooks. Paper anything really.

I have an addiction to notebooks and notecards and pens. There is a box under my bed of cute cards incase I ever need to send one. And a pile of mini colourful notebooks on my bookcase.

I know I have a problem.

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Me and my City Blue

I started riding my bike to work the week before I went to Cuba. Like I rode one day, nearly died trying to get home, and then went to Cuba for a week.

Then after Cuba, I started again. I’ve gotten better at it, but riding home still kills me. It’s straight up hill most of the way. But going to work is easy. The route is simple and not busy and I have gotten better with passing parked cars.

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Week 1 of Mins Game

Wednesday 06/01 – A handful of travel containers (counting as 1)

Thursday 06/02 – 1 notebook and 1 book (2)

Friday 06/03 – 3 pairs of shoes (3)

Saturday 06/04 – Lost count… I bought bins up from storage and filled two for donate and one of things to sell and still felt like I had too much stuff.

Sunday 06/05 – Nothing specific – thought about my DVDs

I have already broken down and bough a travel mug that does not have a handle, nor does it leak if it is upside down, and right away donated the million that I had. I needed this to taking my coffee to work when I ride my bike. I can put it in my side basket with my bag and not worry about coffee being everywhere.



This year I’ve completed two large scale paintings. Both I didn’t plan on doing when the year started.

This one was a birthday present that I took inspiration from a painting the receiver liked at the AGO. It also worked out that their living room contains black and red furniture. It took me a couple of days, mainly because it needed two coats of red paint.

2016-02-14 17.44.47

It turned out well, and they liked it, and it looks great on their wall. I was really nervous about giving this gift. Art is a hard thing to gift and I myself have issues with my own work and never think people like it. But I mean, it is still hanging on their wall. So that’s a good sign.

That made me want to do a new painting to hang above my bed. This resulted in the one below that took a total of two weeks, working on and off, doing a bit each night. And only stopping when my roommate told me it was done and I had to stop. I’m really happy with it’s over all and the colours.

2016-03-17 08.06.56

Tonight I’m starting a 10 week Introduction to Painting class with the AGO. I’ve been painting ever since I could hold a paint brush. My mom does water colours and would always make sure we had the art supplies we wanted and needed. She still does. Growing up art was always a large part of my life. It was what we did on rainy days. After dinner. On random weekends and PA Days.

I’ve only ever taken art classes in elementary school and in grade 9. After grade 9 I wasn’t able to fit art into my school schedule and learning more about it fell away to reading books, and now wandering the AGO on rainy days or evenings followed by hamburgers.

I’m excited to be starting something new tonight. Something that I love doing and am looking forward to learning more technical skills.

Updates to come.


A new year. A new start.

At the beginning of the year I was let go. Literally. It was the Monday of the second week of the year when I learned I was being let go. Although I kind of knew it was coming, since my HR call was originally scheduled for the week before Christmas, and the amount of work I was doing had started to drop off in November.

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Photographer… or am I?

Depends who you ask really and they don’t even need to answer for me to know where they stand with what I do part-time.

When you plan to take family photos, and you hire a professional photographer to take them, you tend to dress up. You make sure you look nice, that your kids are clean and in cute clothes, that your family is well presented in these photos that you plan to share with the world around you. Continue Reading


My Life with Running

I started running in grade 2. Every year we had the Terry Fox Run, and kids above grade 2 were suppose to run their laps and not walk them. So I did. I had no problem with running. I didn’t hate it. I didn’t really love it. It was just something I did from time to time.

In grade 6, I placed 3rd in our school’s track and field 400 meter race. I went on to place 6th overall in the school board’s track and field meet. (I also placed 1st in shot putt, is that what it’s called?) Continue Reading

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100 Creative Projects! #1 Sewing a Cover

I have decided to see how long it will take me to do 100 creative things. My plan was to finish it by the end of the year, but I started late and it turned out I would have to do 20 things in 30 days.

2015-08-05 18.19.20

I am so happy with this cover! My sewing machine now sits on my bookcase (with my penguin and Disney Mikey Ears) and it doesn’t stand out! It looks super cute and adorable! I love it! The blue bin to the right holds my sewing threads and needles. The above tray holds my running stuff, sunglasses, and whiteboard markers.

The stamps featured in this photo are Canada Superhero stamps that I was given when I was about 10 years old. The single one is a used stamp, and the row are unused ones. They were a gift from either my mom or grandma.

Leave a comment below of something creative you think I should do!