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Banana Brownies || Hi! I’m Erika!

This is the recipe I followed:

I used Baker’s White Chocolate, not white chocolate chips, although those might melt better but you will have to weigh them, where as you can break the Baker’s apart into the right size.

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Places I ate in Denver

I went to Denver for a long weekend over Halloween and since I do love food, I ate at a few different places. Here is a break down of where I ate, what I ate, and how I felt about it.


Thump Coffee – This was in walking distance of the airbnb we were staying at. The latte was nice, but the granola and yogurt with fruit preserves was amazing! I ate more then I could because it was so good. Cute little coffee shop with long tables for sharing. Free refills on the drip coffee. Continue Reading


My Gluten Free Backlash

I’m a member of a few gluten free and celiac groups on Facebook. And I decided to share my post about what I ate in Vegas on two of them. The traveling one was fine, people liked it, there was no comments.

The celiac group was different. Two people commented about how McDonalds fries and hash browns in the USA are not gluten free (although in Canada they are), which I was very happy to learn and made note of it in my blog post. Continue Reading


Eating Gluten Without Thinking

Not two long ago I finished a 30 Days Gluten Free challenge that I set for myself. I managed to force myself into thinking about every tiny thing I ate. And I made it 30 days and I felt great. Three days after making it 30 days gluten free, I ate gluten. I had a bagel. My breakfast options where slim, pretty much eat a bagel/muffin/sandwich or eat nothing at all and hope there is food at the place you are going to.

So I ate the bagel.

Then I went back to not eating gluten and being careful with what I was consuming. Until Friday night when I was on my way to a cottage and so very hungry that I would eat whatever was cooked for me, which turned out to be turkey burgers (with the bun) made with bread crumbs. The next day we had pizza pasta salad, I had my own with gluten free pasta, but then I took some of the pumpernickel sandwich. On Sunday I had 1 and a half slices of pizza, gluten pizza, because again I was so very hungry and didn’t want to wait for them to make me a gluten free pizza. Continue Reading


Day 17: Gluten Free

Today marks day 17 of being gluten-free and I’m actually a bit surprised that I’ve made it this long. There as been a lot of tempting foods that I grave and love but have managed to stay away from. The hardest meal for me was dinner a few Sunday’s ago. My mom and sis and I went out to The Keg for dinner and my sister ordered the garlic cheese bread, which is my hardest thing to stay away from, but I made it through the meal only eating gluten-free items! The waiter also bought me a creme brûlée, which is gluten-free!

I found the hardest meals for me are lunch and dinner because I hate cooking these meals. For lunch I usually had a sandwich or salad from Sandwich Box, Freshii, or Aroma. I ate a lot of gluten-free chicken fingers that I found at Walmart and are to die for! I need to start making a better list of what I will eat each week so that I stop eating the same thing when I am at home for dinner.

Continue Reading

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What I ate in Vegas!

Having a gluten sensitivity always makes me worry about my eating habits when I go on trips or visit new restaurants, and Las Vegas was both those things. I also panicked over my allergy to strawberries, but that only came up once.

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