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Secrets of a Side Hustler

On Thursday night, we held an event in our office space for the Secrets of a Side Hustler events held by Chivon John!

Because it was in our office, and I was the team member that was to stay and supervise the event (which I was okay with) I decided to sit in on it and takes notes. I do side hustle…

There was a panel of four women that have either a full-time job and a side gig, or two side gigs. On the panel was Jahmeelah Gramble, Michelle Engson, Samantha Clarke, and Leyla Rezeghi. Continue Reading


DMZ Turns 5!

Wednesday night the Ryerson Digital Media Zone turned 5 and I made sure I was there for their party. DMZ went full-out having a dj and dance room, open area to network, photo booth with props, and a surprise!

The event was full and the party was in full swing before we (a co-worker and I) showed up. We check in and found Danielle, who used to work with us, and who we don’t see often enough! We then hung our coats up, grabbed some drinks, and started talking to people we knew.

It takes five years until you know you’ve made it

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Wearable Computers & Augmented Reality

Thursday night after work I decided to stop by WEAReABLES for their April event at MaRS; The Father of Wearable Computing & Canadian Premiere of Meta Glasses.

I am glad I got there early! The room filled up quickly after the doors opened at 6pm. I was able to grab three seats near the front for myself and two friends. Tom Emrich started the evening off welcoming everyone and thanking us for making it the biggest event yet. Uproar PR talked about the different PR projects that they are working on in wearable tech and optical character recognition. Continue Reading


Social Strategy Workshop @ Brainstation

I’m sitting here trying to create a google spreadsheet to track and maintain my social/marketing ideas and thoughts. I’m calling it Plans and Ideas. Currently there are six tabs, although two have nothing to do with my side projects, they only house the lists of books and movies I am reading/watching this week. The movies tab is out of date already. My photography project social content tab has one tweet idea. The Hi! I’m Erika! one has zero.

I’m trying to learn more about social strategy to help push my photography side project and this blog/YouTube channel. I have some marketing background, it is from 2007 when I took two marketing classes in college that related to my diploma, Sport Management, hence I know all about marketing sports before social media became a big thing.

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Girls Learning Code

Today I spent from 10am to 4pm helping a bunch of girls between 9 and 14 years old style their own webpage by learning CSS. I was a mentor at Girls Learning Code, which is a not-for-profit in Toronto that runs day workshops and week camps for girls.

I woke up late and had to take a UberX (my first! I also got the ride for free since I had a promotional code) to The Lab where the workshop was being held. I got there around 9:40am to help set up some Girls Learning Code laptops. The girls that come to the workshop do not have to bring their own laptops but it does help if they can, so that each girl can learn on their own computer. Continue Reading


Tech in Motion with Enlightli

Thursday night I stopped by the Tech in Motion event at MaRS. I love MaRS. A coworker and I went over after work, after stopping for a bite, to talk with other tech people and support our CEO who was moderating the panel. We hung our coats up and grabbed a drink and chatted with a few different people about what they are doing and what we are doing, and invited them to our event in April.

Just after 7 we took our seats and listened to Enlightli (above) pitch their idea to the crowd. Englightli was the winner of the Hardware Hackathon that I ran a couples week ago. So proud!

Then the panel started: Building a Connected Company: A Panel. The panel was really funny and all the guys did a great job answering the questions from the moderator and from the crowd. Continue Reading


HackerYou Cohort #5 – Also known as HamBun

Last night I popped over to Starbucks to grab a Soy chocolate chip thingy and over to the HackerYou Cohort #5 demo night! The students are finished on Friday! Yay! And one of my friends, Heather Banks, from the part-time course that I took in the fall went on to take the full-time program to learn a ton more about coding and building websites forever! (and get paid for it!)

So because I like supporting cool things and my friends I went over to check out the student projects and watch the demos. After catching up and looking at some of the projects we were ushered into the main room for the evening demos. Heather Payne (CEO of HackerYou) did a short introduction about what HackerYou is and does, and lead instructor Wes Bos followed up with more about what the class learned.

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3 Days of Hacking!

My face still hurts from talking, laughing, and smiling so much over the weekend. I also never thought I’d see myself as the person I became. Also this is hard to type as I burned my middle finger.

This weekend I spent three days running a Hardware Hackathon. I’m pretty sure by Saturday afternoon I was running on fumes from not being able to sleep Friday night. Saturday night, I also did not sleep very well. I was so tired I thought I was hilarious. Continue Reading


Tech in Motion

Last week was a short one because of an Ontario Holiday, hence I only hit up one event after work, but it was a good one.

The Tech in Motion event was held at a local bar by Job Spring Partners. They specialize in helping people find jobs in tech. Gwen from work and I went over to pitch the hackathon we are organizing and give away a couple of prizes. Continue Reading