Annotations: I’m Fine… and others lies

by Whitney Cummings

Note: This isn’t all the annotations from this book. I made a lot. This book really spoke to me. Here are some of the annotations:

  • Veggies should be crunchy
  • When someone isn’t talking, my brain tends to fill in the blanks with how I feel about myself
  • usually what I think I should do is wildly inappropriate
  • “taking poison and expecting the other person to die.”
  • As long as everything looks fine, everything is fine
  • I’m at capacity and have no business taking on new friends.
  • If you truly want to be nice to someone, cancel if that’s what you really want.
  • you go where you look. (I highlighted this twice)
  • that it’s my responsibility to provide my own joy
  • emotional dyslexia (I highlighted this twice)
  • survival skill of giggling when I was uncomfortable
  • At least twice a week I fantasize about handling that situation differently.
  • I’m more of an emotional gambling addict
  • “hurt people hurt people”
  • Denial is dangerous. Make sure you don’t have it.
  • Be friends with people who accept you for who you are and don’t make you feel scared or insecure or as though you have to constantly work for their approval.
  • full-blown hot mess, instead of the half-blown one I am now.
  • when people talk to their dogs, they’re saying things they subconsciously need to hear.
  • I basically ended up coaching a guy to be the best he can be for the next girl who came along.
  • “It was great for a while. Then it stopped being fun, but I didn’t know how to stop.”
  • Brain explode.

I swear this is about half the annotations from this book, which is three times what I normally have and I didn’t fully read the last chapter. I really liked this book! Gah I felt all the feels!

Annotations is a series of excepts from the books I am reading this year. When I finish each book I go through the lines I have marked and share them with you.
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