Working on Skills

A couple weeks ago I worked on my javascript skills at work and came up with two code blocks to save us time when building sites in different countries.

This weekend I worked on some CrossFit skills.

Lately, you can find me after class doing pull-ups. I can loop them before class, I’m at 6. But in metcons, I’m tired and I lose my ability. So I’ve been working on them when my arms are dead after class.

Saturdays at my second gym with my personal trainer working on movements, strength, and things I need more one-on-one with because trying to learn things in metcons is challenging, like toes 2 bar. This weekend my trainer was on vacation (good for her!). Instead of skipping the day I went to my normal gym and worked on my own things. I missed Friday’s snatch complex, so I started with that. Snatches are my favourite. And I’m really good at them. My weight isn’t high but I’ve got the movement down (cleans, not so much). And then I did some front squats, working on my depth and building while trying to keep depth and listen to what the Monday Night Squat coach tells me every week.

Then I was trying to plan some sort of metcon but changed my mind to work on three skills that I need to focus on and strengthen my mind around:

  • Double Unders
  • Pull-ups
  • Handstand Push-ups

DU and pull-ups meant I had to go upstairs, where the Strongman class was running. Handstand push-ups I wanted to do alone in the basement. For hspus, I can strict them pretty well and fast with a couple ab mats but I’m getting stuck, so I wanted to try and figure out kipping hspus to see if I could lose the mats.

I really hate losing Rx because of one thing.

While working on double unders and pull-ups upstairs, I did them in sets of 20 each, two rounds. I worked on doing two pull-ups at a time and trying to get every other jump a double.

For the hspus, I used a 55lb plate and an ab mat. I’m trying to get the movement, but I feel like I was still doing them strict at the end. I managed to make it to 15 in one round before my arms gave out and I was too hungry to keep going, so I headed home to my leftover steak dinner.

I enjoyed getting to work on skills in an almost empty gym, there was a Strongman class going on with 6 people, and other person doing her own thing. It’s hard to work on certain skills before or after class, especially when there is another class going on. The weekend afternoons seem to be prime time for skill work.

And tomorrow is Monday, which means squats and back to working on my javascript skills, and hoping I remember how to start gulp and scss. Oh developing skills I’ve forgotten.

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