PRs & Salt Baths & Audiobooks

Tonight I went to the gym feeling good. And then somehow during the warm-up, I started to feel down. I wanted to just claim my shoulder hurt and go home. But I stuck it out and kept going through the warmup, and then started warming up for clean and jerks. I decided to do a full squat clean and a split jerk (it was a fair game day). My shoulder has been doing limited jerks for weeks since my old dislocated injury was acting up again (from working too much on pull-ups).

Like usual, I started at 65lbs. This tends to always be my first lift warm-up weight before we start the clock. I don’t like jumping from an empty bar to 85lbs, and not knowing how my shoulder was going to react I wanted to keep it lighter. My max before was 95 at 5×2. But this felt great. The clean felt amazing and smooth and it kind of threw me off.

I couldn’t stop smiling.

So I added the 5lb plates and did it again, while videoing and the coach watching. You can hear it in our voices as we talk after the lift (my phone fell) how great we both felt about it. I pulled at the right time. I hit my hips. She left me to do my thing and gave me no pointers, not that she didn’t have any for me, just that she didn’t want to throw me off. From the videos I can tell I need to get lower in the split lands, I need to drop under the bar more, which will help as the weight gets higher.

The lifts went great and I managed a 15lb PR over my before shoulder injury weight. Which is killer! The metcon killed me and I will be taking tomorrow off from thrusters.

After ordering some uberEats for dinner, stealing two brownies from my person/old roomie who lives above me, I felt the need for a salt bath. I really should have form rolled the quads and maybe I will when I move my laptop back into my living room. But I needed to shower and I needed some salt time. My joints needed them. I try to have a salt bath every Sunday after I meal prep, but since moving I did not have a tub plug until last week, and while I don’t know what happened this Sunday but I missed it.

While in the tub I decided to take this time to finish the last 40 minutes of an audiobook, I’m Judging You by Luvvie Ajayi. I’m trying to wrap up all the unfinished books/audiobooks that I have on the go before the year is out. I doubt it will happen, but I want to try. I liked this book, I liked listening to it. It was my go too when the subway was too busy to hold my Kobo. Up next is Tom Hanks book, which I owe the eBook and the audiobook for because I forgot I got one and three days later got the other version. But I want to listen to him on Sunday while I meal prep. Should be a joy.

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