Natural Born Killers killed it!

On Saturday I competed in my first crossfit competition, it was also a partner competition, and the anniversary BBQ of my box. One of my gym friends asked me to be her partner for it, of course I said yes – someone wants me to be their partner? Me? I’ve only been doing this for 4 months and you want me? – and our coach gave us the name Natural Born Killers and we were placed in the Women Scaled group.

We were asked to come for 8:30am, with the first heat in the first wod starting at 9am. I came a bit early because of course the TTC was down this weekend and I had to take an Uber (I could have biked there but biking home would have killed me, the walk home did). A couple others had also arrived early, so we went to grab coffee to help wake up more. I didn’t sleep the night before, I was too nervous.

Time for the first wod

My partner and I were in the second heat, so we watched a bit of the first heat and then figured out our game plan for the G20, we went with 55lbs and had to do it 89 times, alternating every 11. We worked our way through them so quickly that we had 6 minutes of burpees, which was what the score would be. Then right away we had 3 mins of rowing, I did the first minute, and my partner did the last two, she’s amazing at getting calories on the rower!I am not.

As soon as we finished I went outside to die, the gym was so hot and there was a nice breeze outside.

Break time while the other heats went!

Second wod was atlas stone, first time doing this so we had some technique chat and practice before starting. My shoulders are bruised from this, but are also tanned so you can’t really see the bruises too much. In the email that went out the day before they suggested we bring a long sleeve shirt and I am so glad I read that and packed one. As soon as I was done I had to take it off though because it was so hot outside in the sun, but I failed at putting another shirt back on until I finished competing…

Break time again while we watched other heats!

The last wod killed me. It killed all of us. But it also really showed the crossfit family at my box. All the scaled teams competed together in a circuit type wod. There were 5 different components, we alternated which partner did them, and did the circuit four times. All through it you could hear people cheering on other teams and high-fiving others as we walked past or rested and the rx teams cheering us on. It was so great and wonderful and magical. I was so happy. But also dying. I love wall balls and almost made it a whole minute non-stop. I hate jump squats and had to stop a lot. I did step ups because my legs couldn’t handle box jumps.

Then we were done, and I was okayed to have a beer, and I remembered to put a shirt on, I sat on top of two stacked boxes to watch and cheer on the rx teams.


I wanted to eat all the hamburgers but I couldn’t stomach anything but my protein shake and beer and one hamburger. Award time came and although I knew we had won, hearing them say our team name made me so much more happier than reading it on the screen, and I climbed up on that double stacked boxes to stand beside my fellow ladies, while holding my beer can… I love my tiny trophy, it now lives on my bookcase.

What I learned to bring next time (some I did this time):

  • Bananas, or apples, or some other veggie or fruit
  • Extra pre-workout to keep me going, my one scoop in the morning was not enough
  • 2 granola bars will do… but maybe still bring more to share (I had seven)
  • Long sleeve shirt (yay checking emails)
  • Sandals – I was so happy when I could finally take my shoes and knee sleeves off and wear sandals
  • Change of clothes – I had clothes to put on for the bbq and if we went out after, but I was so tired I didn’t stick around long or shower until I got home
  • Sunscreen – I’m a bit burnt

If you have any suggestions on what people should bring to crossfit competitions please post it in the comments!

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