Four Months of Crossfit

July 14th will mark four months of crossfit and a lot about me and my love of crossfit has changed in that time. I now go 5-6 times a week, usually Monday to Friday, and Sundays. I’m not big on partner workouts so I tend to skip Saturdays and run or just lift instead. Here is a wrap up of how my four months have gone!

My coach has gotten me over my fear my box jumps and I’ve stopped doing step-ups, unless my legs have gotten really tired from thrusters. I actually know the name of almost all the lifts/components! My front squat has gone from barley considered a squat at 55 lbs to ass-to-grass at 115lbs. I actually know how long it’ll take me to run 1000m (with a hill) and row 2000m. My shoulders have gone from weak (training bar only, 15lbs) to strong (100lb push press). I’m still working on my overhead squats, jerks, and snatches, I can get to about 75lbs and then I bail out.

I am comfortable with bailing in my lifts! I’ve done it. Others have done it. It happens. I pushed another girl to lift more because she didn’t know she could just bail out and drop the bar, but she didn’t need to, she lifted it with ease.

I have knee sleeves now, I like how they feel in squats and squat like things. I ordered wrist wraps after I noticed a pain in my wrists from heavier weights.

I’m still not sure if I love or hate “the loop” run.

I’ve stopped being shy and will talk to everyone, and because I go to a variety of class times and the Friday Night Lights, I’ve met so many people that I always have a person in class. I’ve learned I’d rather lift with a partner than on my own. I’m still continually told I can lift more than I think and am pushed to do so.

I’ve taken my shirt off mid class and felt okay about it. It gets hot in there and day runs are heated.

I went from not really caring how much I eat to planning two meals and all my snacks (from 1200 calories to 2200 calories) and I’ve lost around 8lbs (my weight fluctuates daily) and a couple inches. I actually have baby abs! My three favourite shirts are now too big and bulky, and a belt I bought in May is too long.

I still don’t stretch enough. I’m still not sleeping well, but that’s a whole other story.

I still can’t do a pull-up without a band, not even a kipping one. But I keep trying. I don’t get double unders or the hip action in cleans. But I have 6 months to figure it out and master them.

I show up to class even if the workout looks hard. I’ve had three minor injuries, two are still healing. I’ve helped new people and have asked for help from others. I haven’t been locked out of my locker again. I’m competing in my first partner competition this weekend, I was actually asked to be someone’s partner!

I’ve had shitty days and shitty weeks where I can hardly lift my warm up weight. And I’ve have great days and great weeks, last week I hit four PRs, I broke 100lbs on three things.

I’m still hard on myself, but not as much, and I’ve learned to accept that I probably always will be.

I’m obsessed and in love with it. I look forward to going and I feel at home in my gym, so much so I’m wearing the name on a tshirt. I’m thankful for those that got me started in this and I am thankful for the support that has kept me going. I have never been this happy in a gym and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

2018 Crossfit Open will be my bitch! I doubt I’ll place top 2000 in my age and area but I’m excited to try and it kick ass at it!

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