Crossfit Foundations

I’ve been watching the Crossfit Open the last couple of weeks and have been getting bored at the gym doing my own thing so I wanted to give this a try, everyone looks like they are having fun but that it’s super challenging, which is totally my kind of thing!

After looking at the different gyms (boxes?) in Toronto I picked one that is semi-close to my place, I still need to take transit, but they offer a variety of class times and a foundations program to help people get started. I really liked this idea! Also, their Instagram account showed me what the gym looks like, what their athletes are doing, and what they offer – which is great for someone with social anxiety that needs a little bit more information to get themselves doing something new, and alone.

I went! It was hard and I was nervous about being new. Last week I went over early, had a tour, and signed up for one month. They have you complete 3 Foundations classes before you can participate in an actual class, which I really liked because they take you through different weightlifting techniques and give you pointers and we complete what an actual class is like, but with more support from the coach and we go at a slower pace.

The other great thing about foundations is that everyone is new, whether you’ve been to one or two classes, you are still kind of new, and everyone is open and encouraging each other, which I have been told many many times Crossfit is like this, well a good gym is. And I think I picked a good gym.

So tonight I will go to my first class, no longer a Foundations Newbie. Deep breath, I’ve got this!

PS I really like doing Cleans and Snatches… sorry deadlifts…

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