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Once again it is Thursday and here I am finally getting around to commenting on my weekend. There is no vlog from this, although that would have been interesting. Only a couple of photos and memories to share.

This past weekend, sort of my official last weekend of the summer as I have gone back to school and started this week, I went with a friend to be a camp counsellor at the camp she went to as a kid. The weekend was called Women’s weekend and it was for older women, most looked between 40 and 80, many of who had kids attending the camp in the summer or friends who did.

We drove up after work, which took about 4 hours with all the traffic, two accidents, and the 400 being closed where it breaks from the 11. So we got there around 10pm. Here is a photo of me in the staff vest at 10pm at night helping with checkin.

That night we met the other staff, all official staff of the camp, had some snacks, learned how doing the dishes went, and went over the plan for the weekend. Jocelyn and I were staying in the health centre, which put us next to the nice bathrooms, score!

On Saturday morning we woke up around 8am and headed the very short distance to the lodge to help with breakfast. I grabbed some breakfast and helped clean up dishes and then it was off on a 5k guided hike around the lake. One of the actual staff members lead the hike, I helped by chatting with the ladies and making sure no one fell too far behind.

After the hike I went to learn to make paper, I was wandering around and ended up at the craft cabin. Then it was lunch time and dishes! And a guide canoe tour, which no one showed up to because it was raining, so us three staffers went on our own tour, it’s been years since I have been in a canoe and I’ve forgotten how much fun it is to be on the water. But not in it. I am not a swimming, not a fan of swimming. After we cleaned up a bit and went to our cabins to change for the rain that was coming. And boy did it ever come! I had just made it from archery to crafts before it came down. Archery! Another thing I haven’t done in years and missed. I’m not the greatest at it but I can hit at least the outer rings every time, and once I even hit Trump!

That night was a bit of a rainy one, most people stayed in the lodge playing bingo and chatting late into the evening. We hung out with a couple of different counsellors and wandering around the camp when it wasn’t too bad.

Sunday was a quieter day. The sun had come out while we had started to clean up. I ran the general store for a bit, helped with dishes, and whatever else was needed.

It was just what I needed to end work and transition back into school.

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