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It has been about a month since I started riding my bike to work. It has been longer but there was a trip in the middle and some colds and work related items, so I am going with it’s been a month since I posted about riding to work.

On average I ride to work three times a week, as well as on weekends to run errands or visit people or the gym. It really cuts down on my travel time vs walking or the TTC and this usually means I can sleep longer. I’m all for things that allow me to stay in bed, like that xbox that turns on when I tap the controller. 

Here is a list of what I tend to carry/use when riding:

HeadphonesSyllable D700 – These headphones were suggested to me and I am really happy with them. Under $30 is pretty much all I wanted to spend on bluetooth headphones. They do not cancel out noise, which I like since I want to be able to hear traffic. I also use them for running and weight lifting.

LightsBike Light, Peyou – I had fancy cute lights that I kept hating to leave on my bike and the white one wasn’t actually bright enough, so I gave them to my sister and got these boring plain ones from Amazon that I can be okay with forgetting on my bike, but I’ve been clipping them to my key hook so that I always have them.

Helmet – I picked up a blue with pink Bell helmet at Impala Bikes in Whitby, here is a link to the store but the helmet is not listed.

Bike – I got my bike from Walmart. It’s a blue city bike. It was like $150. I had Sweet Petes (I love this store, I got my BMX racing bike from there and have always had a good experience with them) update the back brake cable for me and adjust the spacing in between the pedals.

BasketsSwagman Fat Folding Basket – I bought two of these from MEC. I had another basket on the back but I didn’t like it and wanted something I could fold up if I didn’t need them. I really like them. The first one was tricky to install but after I figured it out, the second was easy. I tend to leave one basket open all the time, I am able to lock my bike up with it open and I like being able to put my bag down right away before unlocking my bike.

LockKryptoLock Series 2 – I have a good lock. I can’t afford to lose my bike and I lock it up in the parking garage of my building and don’t look at it for days some times. Mine came with the wire cable which I need for locking it up at home but don’t use when locking it at work.

Water bottle – I use two different water bottles depending on what I am doing after work. On Mondays and Tuesday I take my Camelbak Podium® Chill 21 oz. I play soccer those days and it is much easier to toss this one on the ground and not worry about losing any water because I tend to need more than it holds when playing in this heat. I use this water bottle for my runs as well, it sits in this thing that goes over my hand that my phone and keys fit in. Other days I will take this random bridesmaid water bottle I got two weekends ago for being a bridesmaid. It fits in the holder and I like drinking from the straw at stoplights and at work.

Tracking appStrava – I tried a bunch of different apps, some I couldn’t fully operate from my watch, others crashed mid ride, and some didn’t actually use GPS. I have since found and fallen in love with Strava. It is simple to use, tracks everything I want, and I don’t need to touch my phone while riding. I did lose out on part of my ride last night as my watch was dying. I don’t use it for running, I still use Nike+ for that. But I might change that.

What do you use when riding? What would you suggest I am missing and could use?

*None of this post was sponsored. I paid for it all myself.
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