Me and my City Blue

I started riding my bike to work the week before I went to Cuba. Like I rode one day, nearly died trying to get home, and then went to Cuba for a week.

Then after Cuba, I started again. I’ve gotten better at it, but riding home still kills me. It’s straight up hill most of the way. But going to work is easy. The route is simple and not busy and I have gotten better with passing parked cars.

Thank you to the older drivers that fully change lanes to pass me, or allow me to cross the intersection before entering it. To the bus drivers and truck drivers that also move over to pass me. To the cars that let me pass parked cars and don’t try to drive beside me at the same time because you know in 2 feet I’ll be back out of your lane. Thanks!

My ride to and from work is about 10km each way, which takes me around 35 minutes. I wear gym clothes while riding and change when I get to work. The riding to work has helped with my running, which I’m up to running 10k, and did this last night after riding to and from work. Thankfully I don’t have to wear my knee brace when I ride, or it would make peddling more difficult, which reminds me I still need to put my seat up a bit.

Going from mountain biking, dirt jumping, and BMX racing riding a city bike on a street is so different! In BMX we are taught to keep the seat low, therefore I am still adjusting and trying to find my city bike height. And also the shoes I shouldn’t wear while riding, like those flat no-grip Nikes that just slide off the pedals.

On the weekend I walked my bike down to Evergreen Brick Works to have them do a quick look while I booked a full tune up. It makes this weird sound when I peddle. Or well it did, they seemed to have fixed it. I also grabbed some plants while I was there.

2016-06-12 16.18.30

I’ve got two fold out side back baskets that I put my work stuff in, soccer stuff, groceries. Whatever I need to carry, including plants. I’ve injured my back too much to allow me to wear a backpack while riding, but I can usually get away with only having to close one basket when I lock my bike up.

I really love riding in the city! Mind you I try to avoid downtown if I can, but I feel like in time I’ll get better at this. The bike lanes on Sherborne make me so happy!

Got any city riding tips for me? Leave them in the comments below!

PS. I quit art classes after 4 weeks in the middle of landscapes. I have a 2/3 painted landscape sitting in my living room in a garbage bag. Soccer started and that was way more fun than being told to paint trees that I hated.

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