Thing I did in Denver

16th Street Mall & other streets

We started the trip off on Friday with walking around downtown and across 16th Street Mall, which wasn’t that amazing. Unless I missed something. It seemed to be mostly coffee shops and tourist stores. But! the weather was nice and we saw some cool tourist things.

Like the large blue things above.

And this pike axe and fake gold, conveniently located outside a bank.


And the State Capital building.


Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

Museum! Art! We book marked three (or four) different art galleries to go to but we only made time for one (since I was trying to make sure we had time for the nature museum) and choose this one. It is three floors of art that rotate on a regular basis. All the pieces that were on display when we were there were done by the same artist and were set up chronologically.

Make sure you go onto the roof, they have some nice views.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

I’m a museum nerd. I love museums. I don’t care that almost all of them have the same displays. I love them all and want to visit every single museum I possibly can. So after acting like it wasn’t a big deal if we didn’t go to this one, we ended up having a free afternoon and I let it out that I was dying to go. So we went. And spent a couple of hours walking around their different rooms looking at the exhibits. Fun fact they close at 5pm on Fridays. We missed the special exhibit on poison because I had to see the dinosaurs first, this was before we found know they were closing.

The displays on the different animals are phenomenal and very well done. Below is one of the seals. You can find on about bears one on my instagram.


After we got kicked out of the museum we were walking to a car2go through the park, and the lake (pond?) was beautiful. I had to stop and take a panorama, after taking two individual photos.


Also note: the museum is not downtown. It is also outside of the car2go zone, but you can park fairly close by and walk a couple minutes through a park.

Coors Field Tour

This was another place that I really wanted to go to but tried to play it off like I was cool with skipping it since I was visiting Denver with not the biggest baseball fan. But we ended up being outside the stadium just before noon, taking the photo below, and I was talked into going on the tour, and I was very excited about it.

If you plan to visit in the off season, check the website first. Tours are not run every day once the season ends. I think they are at 12pm and 2pm, and we paid $7 each.

This is me trying to not be too excited about standing outside a baseball stadium. Not to mention the team that gave us Tulo, my love!


And this is from the field. At the end of the tour they take you down to the field and you can sit in the dugouts and walk on the dirt track around the grass, but you can NOT walk on the grass.


Drove in the mountains

One of the last things that we did was go for a drive through the mountains. We had planned to go hiking at Golden Gate State Park, but my dumb ass knee was killing me on Saturday afternoon, so we had to skip that and just went for a drive. In a smart car. On the freeway. And then the mountain roads.



Went to the movies – The Martian

I went the movies while on vacation! Weird I know. But it worked out really well because I was tired from driving through the mountains but it was still only 6:30pm by the time we got back to downtown Denver. I had just finished reading the book a couple days before I went to Denver, and it was still playing, so we went. The seats in the movie were insane! The movie was good. The book was better.

I did not spend as much time in the airport as I was thinking and therefore did not get to look for all the weird things that apparently there are. Overall I had a lot of fun in Denver, and they have a good amount of interesting things to see. We did not see even half the things that we book marked, and that’s okay with me. We saw three things that I was dying to see, museums, baseball stuff, and mountains.

This also counted as visited state number 25! Half way!

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