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Places I ate in Denver

I went to Denver for a long weekend over Halloween and since I do love food, I ate at a few different places. Here is a break down of where I ate, what I ate, and how I felt about it.


Thump Coffee – This was in walking distance of the airbnb we were staying at. The latte was nice, but the granola and yogurt with fruit preserves was amazing! I ate more then I could because it was so good. Cute little coffee shop with long tables for sharing. Free refills on the drip coffee.

Hi Rise Bakery – This place showed as gluten free on Yelp, but I don’t think they had anything that was, maybe the soup was but no breakfast items. That bummed me out. Since I can eat gluten I did get a bagel with cream cheese. I did not like their latte, and tossed it after walking around holding it and avoiding to drink it.

Fork & Spoon – Cute packed place with a small patio that we grabbed a late brunch on. The weather was nice on Sunday so it worked out that inside was full but they had a table outside, there was even a space for my suitcase. I had the classic benedict, my go to brunch food, and I loved it! I didn’t like their home fries as much, there was some spice on them I didn’t enjoy but I just covered them in ketchup until I was full. Latte was good, I never did get my second coffee I asked for.


Lucky Pie – We had the Prosciutto pizza on gluten free crust, and the crust actually tasted like normal thin crust pizza. We started off with a mixing from the Antipasti section, which I really enjoyed.

Ignite Burgers & Bar – I had the classic burger with no cheese and no bacon, cooked well done; my favourite type of burger. Then I picked the tomato and onions off and added ketchup and mustard. The fries come with a seasoning and I liked it. It was very filling, I could not finish all my food. They do have gluten free burgers and buns, and they can make the fries plain. We sat on the rooftop patio.


Katie Mullens Irish Pub – I only got the chicken tenders. They were okay. Tasted like all other pub chicken tenders. The pub is very large and has a lot of tvs to watch all the sports on.

Russell Smokehouse – When you go here, note that the front desk is also for the Green Russell. I had the mac and cheese (which was not macaroni noodles!) with kielbasa (which I can’t stop thinking about), I loved it! I took left overs home, and I planned to eat them next night but didn’t, see why listed with Sexy Pizza. I also tried a bit of the beef ribs, I don’t normally like ribs, but it was good. Note I also tried a whisky sour with egg white, which freaked me out, but it was delicious. The meat is gluten free.

Sexy Pizza – This was in walking distance of the airbnb and also had gluten free and dairy free options. I had the garlic knots and ate them all and was too full to finish my left over mac and cheese. I also had popcorn for dinner that night… The place was hopping and busy but the wait was not too long for a fresh made pizza, which I think was good, although I didn’t eat any of it.

We also went to Brother’s Bar & Grill for a couple of pints, and Starbucks for my usual guaranteed to enjoy latte. On Thursday I grabbed a lunch box from Whole Foods.

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