Photographer… or am I?

Depends who you ask really and they don’t even need to answer for me to know where they stand with what I do part-time.

When you plan to take family photos, and you hire a professional photographer to take them, you tend to dress up. You make sure you look nice, that your kids are clean and in cute clothes, that your family is well presented in these photos that you plan to share with the world around you.

I have had families like this. Families of friends, or friends or friends. I have also had friends and extended friends hire me for head shots, and they come prepared and dressed accordingly to the photos. They plan to cherish these photos.

But when they are family photos, not everyone that hires me, or that I offer to take photos of, does this. A good percentage of them show up in “lazy” clothes. By this I mean clothes that you might wear to sit around the house, that you might choose to wear to the pool, or to the park. Clothes that if they get dirty, it’s no big deal.

But even if I offered these photos, do you not plan to cherish them and share them with those that you love? Do you not want to look at these years later and love them? Maybe.

But for me, when you show up, or I show up to your place, and you are dressed like this, it comes off that you don’t care about how your photos look. That to you, these photos mean nothing. That it is just an other random request from a friend. But even more, that you do not take my seriously. That my work to you is just another random friend/family member taking snapshots of you and your kids.

If your friend is trying to make something a business and offers you their product that usually costs over $150, you should support them and treat it like they are a professional (which they are trying to be) and show up prepared, as if they are someone you do not know that you are paying money for their product.

Make they feel like they are succeeding and not as if they are wasting your time. Because it means a lot to them if you are supportive of their dream.

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