Book Review: You Deserve a Drink

I was hesitant on reading You Deserve a Drink. I don’t know why. I love Mamrie Hart’s YouTube videos and I’m a big fan of the Holy Trinity but for some reason I didn’t run out and pre-order this book. And by run out I mean go to and give them my credit card info and impatiently wait for Canada Post to drop the book at my office months later. Nor did I go out and buy it once it hit the shelf or for a month after.

I’m going to say the reason for this is I ended 2014 and started 2015 (the first 4 months) reading memoirs by strong females and I needed a break from feeling inspired and defeated.


Then Mindy Kaling had a pre-order contest. The first of people to pre-order her new book would receive a free pin and candy. Sold! I was going to buy it eventually anyways. But I wanted free shipping. Free shipping is the only way I’ll buy books online and have to wait for them. This is where You Deserve a Drink came in.

And it arrived just in time for my trip to Vegas where I would be stuck on flights. I very much dislike flying but I’ll do it because I know it’s the only logical way to get to some places.

Mamrie has the same general idea to a happy life as myself: don’t date athletes. Been there, done that, not visiting again.

Twitter_logo_blueFav book this year @mametown’s! Read the chapter on flying while stuck at the airport with your own worse experience.

As someone that gets panic attacks, I probably shouldn’t have laughed that much while reading the chapter on panic attacks. Also silent laughing on a plane is good ab work. And to add to it, we have a joint fear of flying and reading about her awful experiences with flying the day after I dealt with my own horrible time (post to come), it was just what I needed.

While reading Nightcap and some thousand miles in the sky, the try-to-please-others part of me kicked in at the worse time. Mamrie’s mom sounds a lot like mine. I was crying from trying to hold my laughter in. The Nightcap story about her mom reminds me a lot of the stories I have about my mom.

I had to put my book down and down the rest of my oj, sans champagne, to recover from the three sentences I had read, only to go back to crying when I picked it back up.

If you are for some reason putting off reading You Deserve a Drink, stop. Drop what you are doing and buy a copy in the way you normally buy books. I suggest run to your local, and closest, bookstore or go online and pay for same day shipping. Mamrie is a hoot and you can see that in her writing.

Now that I have read the book, I need to go back and try the drinks that come with each chapter. That’s right! Mamrie came up with a drink for each chapter, and a drinking game!

What are you still doing here? Go buy it and read it and drink the drinks! 

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