My Life with Running

I started running in grade 2. Every year we had the Terry Fox Run, and kids above grade 2 were suppose to run their laps and not walk them. So I did. I had no problem with running. I didn’t hate it. I didn’t really love it. It was just something I did from time to time.

In grade 6, I placed 3rd in our school’s track and field 400 meter race. I went on to place 6th overall in the school board’s track and field meet. (I also placed 1st in shot putt, is that what it’s called?)

In grade 7, I joined the cross country team and ran every day at lunch with the other kids. The week before our first meet my best friend decided she didn’t want to be on the team anymore. So we both quit.

Then she rejoined and ran in the meet. And I found a new best friend.

In grade 9, I showed how much I lacked sportsmanship and was informed I couldn’t join any sport teams. In grade 12, I would have been allowed to play Rugby, as the teams numbers were too low to form a team, but by then my knee was shot.

So I never ran. At all. There was no point. I wasn’t on a sports team. I didn’t have a love for it. I raced bikes and did trail riding. But no running.

After college, over the years I tried to take up running, but after a two knee injuries I gave up in 2010. At one point I tried to learn to run with the Running Room, but due to shin splints, I gave up.

In 2012, I randomly decided to join a new friend and sign up for the Tough Mudder. I then forced myself to like running. And after a couple weeks I had relearned what I knew from grade school, I loved the feeling of running. After completing the Tough Mudder I was subject to my last knee injury, where I finally finished tearing my meniscus off. Thankfully! now that it is gone, as long as I wear a knee brace while doing sport like activities, I won’t have any other knee injuries.

At least to that part of my right knee.

When I was finally cleared to start running again, this was about five months after the injury, three of which I spent not being able to walk, I slowly got back into running. And I was in heaven. All through 2013 I would run up to five times a week. I’d get home from work three days a week, and immediately change and go for a run. Dinner happened after running. I kept up with this until I moved to Toronto, and then started working five days a week and had a hard time trying to fit all my runs in. This discouraged me and I stopped running. I lost my love for it.

In April of this year I wanted to try again. I picked up a TomTom running watch and made myself run at least once a week. This worked until I spent half of May out of the country, and returned with a damaged ankle that I had to rest for all of June.

That brings us to now. In July, I started running twice a week, and then three, and now into August I am at four times a week. Last week I wanted to try to beat my best spilt pace in July for a 5k, which was 6:25/km. That same day I did beat it, with 6:05. So as scared as I was to say it, I told my friends that I wanted to beat that pace, or at least run it, since my three runs after had been between 6:05 and 6:25.

Well… that night I some managed to run a 5k with an average pace of 5:49/km. And I’m still not sure how I did it. My run felt slow and my legs felt heavy and I felt drained. But when I looked at my watch, after it told me I had completed 100% of my goal, and it said 5:49, it took all I had to not scream with joy.

It truly was the best feeling I have had in a long time to be able to saw I ran a 5k, with no breaks, in 29:12mins and an average pace of 5:49/km. And this has made me love running even more. To see that I can get back to where I was two years ago, and to beat my only two 5k race times, where I know I had to stop and walk parts of them.

runs copy

And with knowing that (I had to go check) I think I’ll do two things this week:

  1. Sign up for a 5k
  2. Start adding a long run day

I’m hoping to get my knee to a point of being able to run 10k, that is my next big goal (dream probably).

Got any running tips for me? Leave them below in the comments! I think I’ll go force myself to use my form roller that is collecting dust.

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