My Gluten Free Backlash

I’m a member of a few gluten free and celiac groups on Facebook. And I decided to share my post about what I ate in Vegas on two of them. The traveling one was fine, people liked it, there was no comments.

The celiac group was different. Two people commented about how McDonalds fries and hash browns in the USA are not gluten free (although in Canada they are), which I was very happy to learn and made note of it in my blog post.

Another person decided to rip me apart for my “wishy-washing” approach to being gluten free. How people like me are making things harder on those like her daughter who has celiac. I mentioned in my comment, when posting the link, that I do not have celiac. That I have an intolerance to gluten and can get away with eating some of it. That I also have a low blood sugar issue that sometimes causes me to deal with the pain of eating gluten when I am in need of something to eat.

I deleted my post right after this. I felt ashamed. I felt horrible. I reverting sharing it right away, although because I did share it I was informed that I was wrong about a fact I thought was true.

I shared in the post what was gluten free and what wasn’t. Where there are options, and where I didn’t have a choice. I also shared on Facebook that I do not have celiac. But this women didn’t seem to care about me and what I shared, only about her daughter and how “people like you” (i.e. me) are making her daughter’s life harder because I can can eat gluten and only have the side effects of how I feel after.

Look, if you don’t like what I share, then move on. You can comment about how the McDonalds isn’t gluten free (I said I was still learning) but you don’t need to put me down because I’m not as sick as your daughter.

This group is supposed to welcome everything with issues to gluten, although this one lady made me like worthless. Like my issue doesn’t matter. That because I only have an intolerance and not a sensitivity I shouldn’t be sharing. Honestly lady, it’s people like that you that make me feel like I should just eat gluten and deal with it. It’s people like you that give those of us that on’y have a sensitivity a made name. You should be more welcoming and understand that maybe my post isn’t write for you and move on.

I understand how I eat is not how your daughter eats. But does that really make what I’m share worthless and make you feel the need to point that out?

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