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100 Creative Projects! #1 Sewing a Cover

I have decided to see how long it will take me to do 100 creative things. My plan was to finish it by the end of the year, but I started late and it turned out I would have to do 20 things in 30 days.

2015-08-05 18.19.20

I am so happy with this cover! My sewing machine now sits on my bookcase (with my penguin and Disney Mikey Ears) and it doesn’t stand out! It looks super cute and adorable! I love it! The blue bin to the right holds my sewing threads and needles. The above tray holds my running stuff, sunglasses, and whiteboard markers.

The stamps featured in this photo are Canada Superhero stamps that I was given when I was about 10 years old. The single one is a used stamp, and the row are unused ones. They were a gift from either my mom or grandma.

Leave a comment below of something creative you think I should do!

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