Painted Pots and Planted Flowers

Last weekend I went to Ikea with a friend (and co-worker) to pick up a new shelving storage unit for work. I also grabbed a half one for myself for the balcony and a plant, which I call the pineapple place, as it looks sort of like a pineapple in dirt.

On Saturday I decided it was time to actually plant the plants I had, which included the “pineapple” plant, and two seed coasters I had from DMZ. But I didn’t want to plant them in plain pots. I wanted to have a bit of colour on the metal grey shelf the plants live on.

I decided to paint the pots!

I marked off what I didn’t want to paint with some painters tape that I had lying around, and grabbed four colours. I used my normal acrylic paints that I use on canvas. I get the Basic brand from Michaels. I went with three different stripe patterns, but really you can do anything that the tape and your mind allow.

All the pots needed a second coat of paint, not just the ones with the lighter colours. Also, the smaller pots are from the dollar store, and the larger one is from Ikea.

Once the paint was dry, I started adding in the soil. In the smaller pots I broke up the DMZ seed coaster that I had and mixed the pieces in with some soil, also from the dollar store. In the larger one I plated my “pineapple” plant that I picked up from Ikea.

The plants now live on my balcony on a grey shelf. They sit just outside my window, so I can see any remember to water them. (Out bikes live outside my window, as that is the end of the balcony, therefore we store them there, out of the way) The small green house has been moved back inside for now, but as the days are proving to stay warmer it might make its way back outside to the shelf.

What are some of your favourite plants to have around your home? I like this “pineapple” one because my mom has had great success with her’s. And the DMZ seed coasters are a surprise!

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  • Reply Jess July 6, 2015 at 6:23 pm

    Super cute!!! I love the “pineapple plant”! Let me know if you figure out what the actual name is!

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