Eating Gluten Without Thinking

Not two long ago I finished a 30 Days Gluten Free challenge that I set for myself. I managed to force myself into thinking about every tiny thing I ate. And I made it 30 days and I felt great. Three days after making it 30 days gluten free, I ate gluten. I had a bagel. My breakfast options where slim, pretty much eat a bagel/muffin/sandwich or eat nothing at all and hope there is food at the place you are going to.

So I ate the bagel.

Then I went back to not eating gluten and being careful with what I was consuming. Until Friday night when I was on my way to a cottage and so very hungry that I would eat whatever was cooked for me, which turned out to be turkey burgers (with the bun) made with bread crumbs. The next day we had pizza pasta salad, I had my own with gluten free pasta, but then I took some of the pumpernickel sandwich. On Sunday I had 1 and a half slices of pizza, gluten pizza, because again I was so very hungry and didn’t want to wait for them to make me a gluten free pizza.

Another week past and I stuck to no gluten Monday to Wednesday, but then Thursday came around and so did a friend, and we went out for dinner and without even thinking about it I ordered an option with gluten and ate it. The Friday I was driving my friend home and after I dropped her off, I was hungry and wanted something quick to eat so I went to Tim Hortons and grabbed bagel and a coffee (which was bad because I am off coffee for the week). To add to that! There is a Wendy’s right next to the Tim Hortons and I could have gotten a gluten free salad! Saturday I ate two hot dogs (and buns) while watching Field Hockey because the first a friend asked if I wanted, and I was too scared to tell her I can’t have gluten, and the second was because I had already had one so I had another. Later that day I had a chocolate croissant because, while because I had already had two hotdogs. Sunday I was better and had two gluten free hotdogs and gluten free hotdog buns.

I’m not happy with myself.

In my recent video, a vlog about my weekend, I openly admitted to needing to try harder and to not give into, and not even so much giving in, but not even thinking about it, just eating gluten without thinking. I need to focus more on watching what I eat on weekends. During the week I am good with not eating gluten, but on weekends when I am out with people or running errands I don’t think about it, I just eat what I want or what is closest. And I need to stop this.

Watch what I did this weekend, besides eating gluten.

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