Terrariums for All!

Last week I grabbed a friend and we went to a terrarium workshop at The Gladstone! The Gladstone had sent out their monthly workshop list, I receive it now because I went to a ukulele one there a few months back (here), and they had listed a terrarium one! Yay! Plants! After noticing that they had a couples price, which was cheaper than placing two single tickets, and it is always more fun to go to these things with a friend, I asked my co-worker’s wife, and now friend Candace, if she would like to go with me! And she said yes!

We first stopped at WVRST for dinner before heading over to The Gladstone. Once there we grabbed some plants and a seat! They had tiny figures, but I had picked up a pack to ensure that we had some figures and that I would get the ones that I wanted.

2015-06-18 18.58.29

We were able to take one large plant, two small plants, and one air plant (the one not in a planter plastic pot), as well as some small ideas. I took pin cones, which I didn’t end up using, and Candace took some seashells and mini toadstools. Once every had arrived we started the process of building our terrariums. First you do a later of stones, to help with drainage, and then moss on the outside, then soil on the inside, and then you start planting and decorating!

2015-06-18 19.52.38

Candace (her terrarium is on the left in the banner image) went with the alligator and a “water” type theme. I (on the right) went with a safari theme. It was a very stressful process, making sure we had everything placed correctly. I actually have blue sand in mine, which I covered with soil when I changed my plan. Our table was a lot of fun to sit at. Everyone had the same personality types and we all had a great laugh trying to decided which figures to go with.

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