Day 17: Gluten Free

Today marks day 17 of being gluten-free and I’m actually a bit surprised that I’ve made it this long. There as been a lot of tempting foods that I grave and love but have managed to stay away from. The hardest meal for me was dinner a few Sunday’s ago. My mom and sis and I went out to The Keg for dinner and my sister ordered the garlic cheese bread, which is my hardest thing to stay away from, but I made it through the meal only eating gluten-free items! The waiter also bought me a creme brûlée, which is gluten-free!

I found the hardest meals for me are lunch and dinner because I hate cooking these meals. For lunch I usually had a sandwich or salad from Sandwich Box, Freshii, or Aroma. I ate a lot of gluten-free chicken fingers that I found at Walmart and are to die for! I need to start making a better list of what I will eat each week so that I stop eating the same thing when I am at home for dinner.

I spent this last weekend in Kitchener-Waterloo running an event. This I thought would be the hardest time to actually eat enough food and keep it gluten-free. On Friday I ordered gluten-free mac and cheese from the Firkin next door to our venue and at night there was gluten-free pizza. Saturday breakfast was hard, I only had a small amount of fruit and then a bar I had in my bag. At lunch we had a gluten-free option but it was not good at all, so I went to this place called Pure JBK that was near by and grab some lunch for myself and a co-worker. At dinner I ordered a gluten-free chicken sandwich from the Firkin. Sunday was a rush day with the same breakfast, lunch from the Firkin (for me and two other gluten-free attendees), and then I had some gluten-free pizza for dinner. So it was not a healthy weekend but at least I ate enough and it was gluten-free.

2015-06-13 13.15.59

There is a place near my hometown that makes gluten-free fish and chips! I was home for dinner and we went to grab this. As well I wanted a root beer with my meal, it is my favourite pop, but they told me that root beer is not gluten-free because of malt, which really confused me, and scared me because I had it a couple of times in the past 17 days. When we got home, I looked it up and most root beers are gluten-free (see link), so I don’t know what this fish and chips place is talking about but it is safe to drink.

Last night I went to WVRST for dinner (before hitting up a terrarium workshop) and after double checking that they were all gluten free without the bun (one does have gluten, the Octoberfest) I went with my usual chicken and artichoke, and tried a new oneBerkshire, which is a type of pork.

I have 13 more days! Over half way! And after those 13 days I think I’m going to keep going with it. 

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