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What I ate in Vegas!

Having a gluten sensitivity always makes me worry about my eating habits when I go on trips or visit new restaurants, and Las Vegas was both those things. I also panicked over my allergy to strawberries, but that only came up once.


I ate McDonalds most mornings because it was gluten-free and in the hotel food court. I always had the big breakfast, not the pancake version, because the hash browns are gluten-free, and they are not fried in the same fryer as the flour items. This is the same as the french fries. I also like this breakfast because it comes with eggs and the sausage patty. I gave the biscuit (in the US get a biscuit! In Canada we are given an english muffin) to someone at the table.

Update: I was informed in a Facebook group that McDonalds hash browns and french fries in the USA are not gluten free. They use a flavour that contains gluten.

Starbucks – GF

I had breakfast from here one morning and a banana from here other mornings. I think it is the protein box. The one with the egg and some fruit, and some mini pita that I don’t remember eating. Mostly I just got coffee from here. And the free water. If you are in need of water, get it from Starbucks, the Tall is free and the Venti is $1. Don’t buy the bottle stuff. Their gluten-free menu is short. I think the oatmeal is gluten-free (someone correct me if I am wrong) and they have a few box options that you can remove the gluten item from. Also bananas!

Eiffel Tower Restaurant – GF

The food here was amazing! I had the chicken and it came with some veggies, and as far as I know it was gluten-free. I did tell the waiter about that and he didn’t stop me from ordering the chicken. I also started with the salad. For dessert they made me my own sobet tasting platter because all the items on the menu had flour. Mind you, we did get the show and dinner menu, which is different from the full menu, so that could have more desert options.



Oh yeah… I had gluten here. It was lunch and I was starving! They have food at Target! Every Target I had been to, up until I walked into the one in Las Vegas, had all only had Starbucks. No wait there was that target in Michigan that had food. So this was my second Target with a food counter. I had the mini cheese pizza. The other option was a bag of chips and that had no appeal because I would be hungry again in 15 minutes.

Slice of Vegas – GF

This place is the bomb! They have gluten-free (and vegan) options! You have the choice between two types of pasta and all the pizza options can be made on gluten-free crust. There are no gluten-free desert options. Well they might have ice cream, but I can’t eat that. We had dinner here twice. I tried both pasta options, in hind sight I should have tried the pizza the second night but I really wanted to eat the penne pasta, it was the better of the two.

Grand Canyon Cafe – GF

You wouldn’t think it by the name, but! they do have gluten-free options! I totally had a gluten-free sandwich! And it was good! They only had the one option but I was still happy to have an option and my parents were happy they didn’t have to find something to the way back to the hotel for me. They also have almond milk if you are looking for a drink. I had some frapp thing. Get the 16oz! They give you the extra that doesn’t fit in your cup, and it turns out to be more than 20oz and you pay less.

I love Burgers – GF

We had lunch here one day. It is located near Paris. They have gluten-free hamburger buns! We stopped in here for lunch while we were shopping because I was hungry, it was lunch time, and well I was hungry. I also really wanted a hamburger and didn’t really care if they had gluten-free buns, but I asked and they said yes! Like most gluten-free hamburger buns, it was on the large size, and I ended up eating half the burger without the bun, which is what I would have done if they did not have a gluten-free bun. They also have tator totes and french fries, but they are not “gluten free”. They are but they are fried in the same fryer as the onion rings.

Citizens – GF

This was a late night last-minute dinner. It is located in Mandalay Bay, which is next to and connected to the Luxor. We got back to the hotel just after dinner and I was starving. I’m used to snacking while at work and I didn’t on the trip at all, which is why I was so hungry all the time. My dad and I walked over to Citizens and I picked up a Caesar salad and brushed the croutons off.

Luxor Buffet

We ate here last, on Thursday night. I gave in and ate all the gluten! But the taco bar. Sadly I was too full to make it to the taco bar. They do have gluten-free options and gluten-free desert, I just decided not to listen to my body and wanted to try it all. We also did nothing after this but play some slot machines and got back to the room. If you ask nicely, they will let you walk around and see what they have before making you pay to stay and eat. Also they have an unlimited drink option, if you are into that sort of thing.*

Wolf Gang – Airport

My dad and I shared a pizza that was not gluten-free. I know I know. After eating at the Luxor buffet I should have eaten better and treated my body better but there really are not too many options and I didn’t want a salad again.

*I might have also gotten something from Cinnamon Bun after the buffet since my body already hated me.

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