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Last week I went to Las Vegas with my family (dad, mom, and aunt) for six days. Yay! It was amazing! It was better than I ever could have thought it would be and I only had a total of 4 drinks containing alcohol! That’s right! I was sober most of my time in Vegas, the city of sin? the city that never sleeps? While I slept a lot! I was in bed by 11pm most nights, one night I stayed up until 12am! What! And another I went to sleep at 10. Oh right! The first night I stayed up until 1am!, I was trying to timezone adjust my body and it worked.

There is so much to do in the city aside from drinking and gambling. I have broken this trip into three blog posts. One for what we actually did in Las Vegas, one for our trip to Spring Mountain State Park, and another for the day we spent at the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.

Vegas was insane. I cried a bit one day. We left Saturday evening, and got into around 11pm PST, went to our hotel to check in and joined the long line of everyone else checking in. We stayed at the Luxor hotel right on the strip, near the south end. The hotel was really nice. I’m sure the pool was lovely, but I didn’t use it, I only saw it with my eyes while walking past it towards the rental car. I can tell you the tub in our suite was amazing.

Sunday was our biggest day. We spent the day walking up the strip and back down, stopping in all the hotels and casinos along the way. It was a nice day and the weather was not too hot. We played a couple of slot machines in a few of the casinos along the way, and stopped for a drink and some snacks at the Bellagio. For dinner my dad had a surprise setup and refused to tell us anything, only that we were not allowed to wear jeans.

After grabbing something quick for lunch we went back to the hotel to rest and get ready for dinner. I was pretty tired. I think I had a bit of a cold throughout the trip as I was tired quite a bit and wasn’t feeling well two days. For dinner we met my mom and aunt at the taxi location, in Vegas you can only get a taxi from hotels, you can not flag one down while walking on the strip. The taxi took us up to the Paris hotel and I still had no idea what was happening, other than hoping dinner was involved. And it was! We had dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant and it was amazing! The food was sooo good! I got the chicken because that is the only meat I really eat if hamburger isn’t on the menu, and it was to die for! The staff was great and they made me my own desert because all of the ones on the menu had gluten in them and I didn’t want to feel sick for whatever the second part of the evening was. They also made me an early birthday treat.


After dinner my dad took us down to the theatre in the Paris hotel, where I found out we were seeing Jersey Boys!!! I was so excited! I had told him at the start of this trip planning that I really wanted to go and that I would go alone if no one else wanted to see it because I was dying to see the show. We sat 4th row and I got a bit emotional before it started. I was so happy to have had a wonderful dinner and see the show I’ve been dying to see as an early birthday gift. My dad was able to get a great deal on the dinner and show through the hotel. Be sure to check out the hotel deals before you book your own tickets. After dinner we walked back to the hotel, stopping to watch the Bellagio fountain night show, which is different from the day show, make sure you see both.


Monday we went to the outlet mall just outside of the strip and then took the long route back into town stopping in the mountains/foot hills at the Spring Mountain State Park, which I will write about tomorrow. Tuesday was our day at the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.

On Wednesday we walked through the MGM Grand to the tram in the back and took it up the Venetian. We thought about taking the gondola boats through The Forum shops, but it is $20 per person and I didn’t think it was worth the price. We did some shopping and looked at the fish in the big tanks in the mall. I also went to Swatch for the second time looking at the watches, trying to pick between five. We shopped a bit at all the tourist stores.


On Thursday, our last day in the city, my mom and aunt went off to do their own thing, which included High Tea at the Bellagio hotel. My dad and I walked up the strip to The Forum shops again, I had to return something, and I wanted to look at eating at The Cheesecake Factory. We did some more shopping, at the food type stores; the Coke store, the M&M store, and the Hersey store. I finally made my mind up about what Swatch watch I wanted! We also had dinner at the buffet and played the slot machines for a while. We walked around a couple of the other hotels trying to find a baseball game to watch.

Friday was boring and long. Our flight was delayed from 11:50am to 1:15pm to 2:05pm. We spent most of the day at the airport waiting for the plane to arrive, and then waiting to board the plane, and then waiting for the plane to take off. Once we took off it was easy-going. I watched a movie and listened to Grace Helbig’s podcast (Not Too Deep). I finally got home around 11:30pm (but this was EST time, therefore 8:30pm Vegas time), and I went to bed.

I was amazed by how much I could do in the city that didn’t involve drinking and gambling. Everyone thinks you go to Las Vegas for those two things, and I spent most of my time doing neither.

I am still working on editing my vlog, it should be up next week. If you’ve been to Las Vegas, what was your favourite part? If not, do you plan on going sometime?

*Fun fact! Nevada was my 24 USA state and Arizona was #25!
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  • Reply Jess May 6, 2015 at 11:27 pm

    Sounds amazing!!! Can’t wait to see more photos!! SOOO jealous you got to see Jersey Boys!! I’ve always wanted to see it!!

    • Reply Erika May 7, 2015 at 10:50 am

      I am hoping to get my photos up on Facebook over the weekend. And of course I have more stories when I see you! Also! If it ever comes back to Toronto, I will go with you!! It was so good!

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