I tried to celebrate my birthday in the middle of nowhere

First long weekend of the summer! Well I think it is still the spring? While most people I know were going away for the weekend to cottages or camping, I went to my mom’s Friday night to edit a video (this Thursdays baking video) and hang out with my cat.

Saturday started off with a hair cut, life update with my hair stylist and great friend Megan. I only had a couple of inches cut off to even out the layers. But I’m glad I did it, because I am enjoying this length more than before. After we were done, Megan went home to head off to a cottage. And I drove to Havelock to visit two other friends.

We did the grown up adult friends catchup and sat in the kitchen talking and then we moved to the dinning room to chat more and then in her living room. We tried to go out for a couple of drinks and food that night to celebrate my  birthday but the one place that has a liquor licence closed at 10:30pm, which is apparently normal…So we sat on their front pouch with some wine and enjoyed the nice, and all the stars!, until I was bitten by three mosquitos.

Sunday morning we grabbed brunch at a local dinner (Hills Dinner) and sat outside in the sun and heat. I tried to make an ice coffee by ordering coffee and a glass of ice, but it did not work well. I had to order a second bowl of ice. Note to self, just drink coffee normally if they don’t actually sell ice coffee.

Once back in TO I rested for a bit and then went for a bike ride in Mount Pleasant. I haven’t been on a bike ride in years and wanted to be able to make sure this whole “You Never forget how to ride a bike” thing was real before riding on the street.

I took my book and found a bench to set on in the sun and read a bit. The weather was great this weekend! So sunny and warm! Then I rode over to Sobeys, also did not have to go on the road, to grab some groceries for the week and use my new bike basket! I got in 9.15km on my first bike ride, and it really in true, you don’t ever fully forget how to ride a bike.

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