Hoover Dam & Grand Canyon

On Tuesday we woke up early for the drive to the Grand Canyon. We made sure to grab breakfast from the hotel food court before leaving. On the way we stopped at the Hoover Dam. The visitor centre does have parking, but it is $10. If you are driving east there are free lots just over the bridge. Go for those.

We walked across the bridge… and then back… The water was not flowing, does it normally? It was pretty cool, but I mean there wasn’t much there. I did like that half the bridge is in Nevada and the other half is in Arizona. My mom loved the Art Deco bathrooms.

The sign at the Hoover Dam showing the state divison

Lake Mead is beautiful, although the water line seemed low. We spent about 30-45 minutes there and then left to go to the Grand Canyon.

Lake Mead

We started off on Route 66 for a while, but decided that it was boring and there was nothing to see and since we had all already been on the Historical Route 66 as some point along it’s way, that we felt it was not worth it and we turned around and went back to the interstate.

We went to the South Rim section in The Grand Canyon Village. We parked and went to the store first to make sure that we had a chance to look around it before it closed. There was Elk wondering around the grounds. We walked over to the edge of the canyon that is around the Visitor Center.

Part of the Grand Canyon

I was not feeling well, not sure why, but I was really tried all day and felt off. I also had some issue with the height and lack of railings in some areas. But I loved all the Elk! We found more near the edge of the canyon and I took some selfies with them.

Elk bums

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