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I’m sitting here trying to create a google spreadsheet to track and maintain my social/marketing ideas and thoughts. I’m calling it Plans and Ideas. Currently there are six tabs, although two have nothing to do with my side projects, they only house the lists of books and movies I am reading/watching this week. The movies tab is out of date already. My photography project social content tab has one tweet idea. The Hi! I’m Erika! one has zero.

I’m trying to learn more about social strategy to help push my photography side project and this blog/YouTube channel. I have some marketing background, it is from 2007 when I took two marketing classes in college that related to my diploma, Sport Management, hence I know all about marketing sports before social media became a big thing.

Either you aren’t on social media and people are talking about you or people are talking about you and your participating.

Therefore, a couple of weeks ago I received an email letting me know that BrainStation was holding a free evening workshop on Digital Marketing and Social Strategy I signed up immediately. It was last night. I learned a lot. Four pages of notes worth. The speakers where Vicki Laszlo and Sheraz Amin, account managers from Twitter. It was only two hours about I got so much information out of it that I feel ready to (at least start) planning my social strategy for my two side projects. They do have full-time and part-time courses on Digital Marketing that div deeper into it, but they are a bit out of my price range at the moment.

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After working on editing a video for an hour, I walked the three doors down to the BrainStation office a couple of minutes before it started. I was having second thoughts about going. I needed to get this video edited before I went to bed so that it would upload to YouTube while I was fast a sleep (fun fact it was still going when I woke up), but at the same time I really wanted to go because I need to actually learn what a social strategy is. In the end I gave up sleep and was able to do both.

It’s what you do with the platform that matters, not what platform you use.

I learned about the different parts to creating a social marketing strategy and the different types of social media marketing. Start with a strategy, everything you do should come back to this. Then you need to figure out your objective before figuring out your approach; POST (people, objective, strategy, technology). You also need to have SMART goals, and work on moment planning; brands have target moments not target markets.

I also realized that I need to start planning my tweets and messages a head of time, not just in the moment. I should have ideas ready and on the go when things come up or to just push “reminders” about what I am doing. I learned about using event hashtags that relate to a current event that fits with my brand. Like tweeting about head shots during the Oscars or about my banana bread video during a certain show on the FoodNetwork.

Hashtags are a wonderful thing! They make you apart of a larger conversation, help people discover your content, shows you are supportive, and help entertain.

What drives brand engagement? Conversations and remembrance.

I am glad I choose to give up sleep to get to this workshop. I learned a lot more than I thought I would. And I came out with not only notes on the workshop but also a few ideas! I am looking forward to the next marketing type workshop BrainStation holds.

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