DMZ Turns 5!

Wednesday night the Ryerson Digital Media Zone turned 5 and I made sure I was there for their party. DMZ went full-out having a dj and dance room, open area to network, photo booth with props, and a surprise!

The event was full and the party was in full swing before we (a co-worker and I) showed up. We check in and found Danielle, who used to work with us, and who we don’t see often enough! We then hung our coats up, grabbed some drinks, and started talking to people we knew.

It takes five years until you know you’ve made it

Around 6pm they kicked off with some presentations about the Digital Media Zone and where they have come in five years. The Digital Media Zone has 20 international partnerships, incubated 180 startups, raised $60 million, and created over 1580+ jobs. The DMZ is also the 5th Global University Business incubator but they plan on being #1 within the next 5 years!

2015-04-15 18.19.45

After a couple of presentations about where DMZ came from and where they plan on going, and a song (Queen’s We are the Champions), they reviled their new brand! The nickname DMZ has caught on so much that they had decided to go by that now and have created a brand new logo, which I love! I also received a pink shirt with the new logo, that I am rocking while drinking tea from my couch with a cold.


Photo Credit: Danielle Smith of DMZ

What are your thoughts on the new logo?

We received a tour of where the incubator businesses work and then took part in a dance off before deciding that we were hungry and needed to head home. We stopped at the Chipotle around the corner, and this was my first time eating Chipotle! Mixed feelings. I liked it but I also think it could have been better. I only need to figure out what I want in my bowl and than I will be happy.

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