Weekend in the Country

I spent the weekend outside of Toronto visiting a couple of friends and enjoying the country life. Friday night I visited a friend and her family in Peterborough and then Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning I was in Havelock visiting another friend. I enjoyed being away from the city for a weekend to relax and hangout with people who I enjoy spending my time near.

After work on Friday I went home to grab my duffel bag, which I packed on Thursday night, and my camera bag, which I didn’t end up needing, and headed north to the 401… and then east. I left late, because I decided, as I was leaving the apartment, that it would be a good time to try to locate my camera shutter release remote that I misplaced last week. I also didn’t end up eating dinner before leaving work, which sucked a lot, and by the time I got to Whitby I was starving.

2015-03-20 19.07.10

Me in line at a drive thru getting dinner

The weather was great! The roads were dry! The sun was out until about 7pm, which I really enjoyed because I was able to wear my prescription sunglasses all the way until I stopped for food and then switch to my normal glasses. I hate doing this while trying to drive. I have done it, but I hate to.

I got to my friend’s around 8pm. We sat at the table with her family while they finished dinner. Her 18 month old was all smiles when I showed up! I haven’t seen this little one since probably the summer, she is usually in bed by the time I make it up to their place, but this time I arrived just before her bedtime. The little one sat and “read” the paper to me. By read I mean she flipped through the pages and asked what things were, and then tried to steal my glasses. After she went to bed, we watched Taken 3. I was the only one that managed to not fall asleep! I am also the only one over the age of 10 (her younger sister watched with us) and/or doesn’t have a child. Taken 3 was… okay. I found most of it boring and just wanted it to end. Then it finally ended and I went to bed.

Saturday morning I woke up and had some tea with my friend’s boyfriend while he made some bacon and eggs and then she woke up and we all ate breakfast together. The little one sat with me and coloured for almost an hour before I decided that I should leave and drive to Havelock to see my other friends. This is when I realized that I couldn’t actually locate my car keys which I did need. We spent 30 minutes looking for them. I pulled my bags apart three times. Then I found them. In the water bottle holder on the side of my camera bag. Why 1am Erika thought this was a great place to put them we will never know.

2015-03-21 11.03.27

This drive was not as nice as Friday’s. It was raining and cold and snowed wet snow for most of the drive. The drive itself was super easy and I only had to take one road to get to Havelock and then I got lost. I had turned the sound on my GPS off on Friday night, and every time I looked up to see where to turn, I had just missed the street. Then I started to actually watch the GPS and drive and I still missed the roads because they looked more like driveways than roads to me.

Finally! I managed to find my friend’s new house! The second thing I did when I got there was wash my face, the colouring session was more important than getting ready. The first thing was hellos, hugs, and a tour. After the three of us were ready for the day (yay! feeling like a human again!) we went for lunch at one of the restaurants (diner?) in town. I asked for water with lemon and I got lemon juice packets with my water… I had to instagram this. We then checkout the two stores near by, where I grabbed two items for my cooking videos! and then we grabbed food for dinner and headed back to their place.

We spent the evening catching up, eating dinner, watching some movies (The Rundown, This Means War, How Do you Know) eating popcorn and talking and talking and just relaxing all night because I choose we skip the bar since the restaurant said it is usually open until 10pm” … what does that even mean?

Google helped me figure out the first movie we watched. Google is awesome.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 4.59.42 PM

Sunday morning we woke up and went for breakfast at the place we were suppose to go to the night before and ate eggs again. We said our goodbyes and I easily found my car keys. Then I drove to my mom’s to pick up dinner. We were suppose to eat dinner together with my sister but I was three hours early so my mom packed up my share and sent me home.

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