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Thursday night I stopped by the Tech in Motion event at MaRS. I love MaRS. A coworker and I went over after work, after stopping for a bite, to talk with other tech people and support our CEO who was moderating the panel. We hung our coats up and grabbed a drink and chatted with a few different people about what they are doing and what we are doing, and invited them to our event in April.

Just after 7 we took our seats and listened to Enlightli (above) pitch their idea to the crowd. Englightli was the winner of the Hardware Hackathon that I ran a couples week ago. So proud!

Then the panel started: Building a Connected Company: A Panel. The panel was really funny and all the guys did a great job answering the questions from the moderator and from the crowd.

2015-03-19 19.17.36

“We knew enough to know we didn’t know enough” – Alroy Almeida, Voltera

Alory mentioned that they found the acculturator helpful because it made them get to work; It put a fire under our ass to get us moving.

Zak said that the issue with building one prototype is that you are “renting a factory” in the sense that the factory can only build your one item at that time and not others. This is why it costs so much to build a single prototype. Amortization is costly because labour and setup is expensive here, and you have to pay the same fee for one thing vs 1000.

“Most investors don’t know what they are doing” – Kevin Downing, Zen/MMB Networks

If there is someone who you really want to talk to, Kevin said to go to events you know they are at and corner them. It is a public event so you can talk to them about your product/idea and hopefully set up a meeting. If you go to their office without a meeting you have almost no chance of even getting into the office.

After the panel people stayed to talk to the speakers and each other. I talked to a few new people and some I already knew before heading home.

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