I couldn’t say no to an eggs benedict hotdog

I was just going to walk over and check out the place. I wasn’t planning to buy anything but maybe french fries. Then we got there. And I looked at all the hotdog options and the Fancy Francine caught my eye. It is pretty much eggs benedict on a hotdog. I love eggs benedicts. I once ate eggs benedicts three Sundays in a row. In general I love eggs.

Today I actually made a salad for lunch but when lunch came around a co-worker was going to Fancy Franks (I think it opened last week) and I had to go along just for the walk and to see what was going on with this gourmet hotdog place.

So I ordered the Fancy Francine and a side of fries. Side note: you get a lot of fries! Share them with the person you are there with, and if you’re alone… just eat them all and be happy. The fries were okay. I liked them overall but they were a bit soggy because of the take out container. The hot dog bun was also soggy.

The Aftermath of the Fancy Francine

The Aftermath of the Fancy Francine

The Fancy Francine itself was pretty good! A comment a made while eating it was that it is not a date hotdog, although the only date you should be eating a hotdog on is a baseball date. It is very messy and I had to wash my hands after. But it was all worth it. The fried eggs is cooked up right that when you bite into it the yoke runs out onto the hotdog, which is covered in hollandaise sauce.

I don’t know when or if I will go back. Just a note the hotdogs are not gluten free. Apparently they do have gluten free hotdog buns, but I don’t really understand the point of that. I had the normal bun and therefore have officially eaten my gluten amount for the week. The fries probably come into contact with gluten (flour) in the fryer depending on what else they use in there, so keep that in mind if you are gluten free but interested in trying Fancy Franks out.

If you have had gourmet hotdogs before, let me know where and how they were!

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