Girls Learning Code

Today I spent from 10am to 4pm helping a bunch of girls between 9 and 14 years old style their own webpage by learning CSS. I was a mentor at Girls Learning Code, which is a not-for-profit in Toronto that runs day workshops and week camps for girls.

I woke up late and had to take a UberX (my first! I also got the ride for free since I had a promotional code) to The Lab where the workshop was being held. I got there around 9:40am to help set up some Girls Learning Code laptops. The girls that come to the workshop do not have to bring their own laptops but it does help if they can, so that each girl can learn on their own computer.

The girls started arriving around the same time and we got them all set up with wifi and Sublime Text 2 and waited until everyone was ready to go. Then the workshop started! The girls learned how to style a webpage using CSS. The HTML had already been written for the girls, all they had to do was make the webpage look like the final project, a Charlie & The Chocolate Factory webpage!

The girls did a great job picking up on CSS. You only had to show them something once or twice before they didn’t need your help anymore. I had a lot of fun mentoring and I am glad I went to help out today. The parents were so thankful for the mentors and the girls really loved our help and getting to see their styled page come to life.

It was a great day. I can’t wait to mentor at the next one workshop.

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