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Over the last couple of weeks I had given up on bringing my lunch from phone. I didn’t realize how bad it had become until I looked at my visa bill everyone two weeks and almost started crying. I was spending between $10 and $15 a day on gluten-free sandwiches and salads, that I could just make myself.

On Sunday I headed to the grocery store to grab some food for the next few weeks for lunch. I took what I had been buying from take-out places (turkey and tuna sandwiches with salads) and decided to make them myself to see what the true cost would be if I made my lunch every day.

This is what I got at the store:

  • Gluten Free Udi Bread (by far the best! 6 sandwiches) – $6.29
  • Turkey slices – 3 sandwiches – $6.49
  • Chicken slices – 3 sandwiches – $6.49
  • One can of tuna – 2 sandwiches – $3.69
  • Swiss cheese – $5.99
  • Spring Mix – large container – $6.99

Total Cost: $35.94

*I used the grocery bag with the receipt for a fridge clean out. I took these prices from a grocery delivery service.

While grocery shopping I had to call my roommate to double check but I already had mustard and mayonnaise. I would also like to point out if I split this up evenly across five days, each lunch would only be $7, and I am not eating everything this week. That’s a lot of gluten-free bread and deli meats.


I some what messed up on the first day. I did bring my lunch! But a co-worker that was away from a month asked if I wanted to go get food with them, so I said yes. BUT! I did eat my lunch around 5pm for dinner before heading to the gym. The rice bowl cost me about $10.


Yay! I made a sandwich and ate Monday’s salad!

2015-03-24 12.31.55

Sandwich is three slices of chicken, two slices of swiss cheese, spring mix, and mustard. About $6 including the salad which was spring mix, cucumber and one thin carrot, which I already owned.

I did not make my sandwich in the morning at home. I put it together at work. I toasted the gluten-free bread (it’s not the greatest fresh) and added the mustard to it. Put on the cheese, meat, and spring mix. Then I ate it. It was good! Look behind my salad and see how awesome my co-worker’s lunch is!


2015-03-25 11.56.14


Tuna sandwich and salad! I made the tuna salad sandwich mixture with half a can of tuna, some mayonnaise, and carrots. I know that most people put celery and green onions in their tuna salad sandwich mixture but I did not have those things and my roommate did not have a lot left so I didn’t want to borrow/steal any from her. I also did mix it up with the whole can of tuna and saved half for tomorrow. The sandwich also had spring mix, two slices of swiss cheese, and cucumbers.

Total about $7 I think.


2015-03-26 12.22.00


Today’s lunch was the rest of the tuna salad sandwich mixture! So the same sandwich as yesterday but instead of a salad from home I had some baby carrots and cashews from work, as well as the rest of the cucumbers that did not fit on the sandwich. I cut the wedge of cucumbers incorrectly and had some left overs.

I’m going to take a stab and say $4.


Well… I did end up bringing a lunch from home, a salad which I had for dinner, but I did buy lunch on Friday, as you can see from my post on Friday. It cost $12.

Bonus Saturday

Since I went to a Girls Learning Code workshop I had to bring my lunch. I could have gone out to buy a lunch, but since I did that on Monday and Friday I decided to make a sandwich, and bring some grapes and a banana. Sandwich was turkey with cheese and spring mix. With the grapes and banana I’d say this lunch was about $6.


Final Verdict

Overall I spent about $45 on lunch this week. Last week, when I wasn’t always bring my lunch I spent $50-$55. It also wasn’t that difficult to make my lunches. A lot of the work was just building the sandwich which I did at lunch time, and this saved a lot of stress in the morning. But since I bought lunch twice this week, I only saved about $5-$10.


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