February Favourties

I am four days late on this. I am sorry! Work has been amazingly busy the last few weeks and I have been loving every minute of it, but it has been stressful and even when I get home from work I find myself working on other things or avoiding the computer altogether.

I wanted to put together a list of things I have been really enjoying from February! I tried to mix it up a bit.

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer and Foundation

This month I finally took charge of my makeup and looked into ways to deal with oily skin. With my makeup before, my face would be nothing but oil by lunch time (sad face). So I did what every other girl/lady does and I went to Google and looked up what to do to counter act this! Turns out matte makeup is the number one choice! (I also started using toner and changed my face wash) I had also never used primer before… I never saw the reason for it, or what it really did (fun fact: I still don’t but I use it every day). I love how easy it goes on and how it stays on all day. I no longer have oily skin at lunch or even at dinner and can usually go the whole day without needing to touch up. So happy! – Oh I also got oil dabbing sheets that I use sometimes during the day on my nose and chin.

Jawbone UP Move

So… I wrote about how on one Saturday I picked up the Fitbit Charge HR. Well I returned it about four days later. And picked up the Jawbone Up Move, it fits me better (minus the fact I’ve forgotten it on clothes twice this week). I really like not having to think about charging it (the Move uses a watch battery that lasts 4-6months) or that I have to wear it on my wrist, it’s a clip! The Jawbone Up Move tracks your steps, calories burned, and sleep… when you remember to transfer it to your new outfit, I think I’ll get better at this as time goes on. I’m enjoying it so far. I found out it also tells the time and has a stop watch function. I picked the red one.

Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-up

This book took me months to read because I didn’t want it to end! I took my time, reading sections at a time without finishing it. I’ve watched Grace on YouTube for years and have always gotten a kick out of her videos. Grace’s humour is very much the same as mine. Her videos and book are quirky and fun. After you order her book* you should head over to Grace’s YouTube channel and watch some videos while you wait for the Amazon guy to deliver it.

Rhodia Wirebound Pad – Grid*

In February I took on the #BetterLetteringChallenge (you can see my attempts here) run by Caroline Winegeart of Made Vibrant. I met Caroline last May in Fargo, North Dakota where we spent about 20 minutes talking about fonts while drinking wine at a magazine launch. It is one of my  favourite nights I’ll remember until I’m old and forget all my memories. After the trip to Fargo I stayed in touch, creeping in the background watching what Caroline was working on. Sometime in the fall I signed up for her Better Lettering Course, and a month later was finally able to dedicate a day to learning from her videos. And then I did nothing with this knowledge.

Last month she challenged those that had signed up for the course to partake in a daily lettering contest to win a prize pack (I did not win the pack but I win in myself… wow that sounds lame). Every day, usually at 10pm, I sat down and picked a word or two to hand letter. After the first few days of failing with not having lines, I picked up this grid book from the art store near work and it helped greatly! Hand lettering became easier as the time went on and I slowly found my style.

Pillsbury Gluten-Free Cookie Dough

mmMmm! These are so good! I am gluten-free (most of the time, I’m trying but I slip when I see sushi with deep fried shrimp). Remember that time I made Gluten-Free Banana Bread? My roommate recently made some gluten-free cookies for us to share. While I was grocery shopping last week I was looking all sadly at Pillsbury items I can not eat and then noticed this! Beside the cookies they had a tub of pie crust! Yay a future with my mom’s butter tarts! With the cookies, all you do is preheat your oven and scoop out a tablespoon for each cookie you want, place the tray in the oven and wait. The cookies taste like real cookies. My roommate even liked them and she loves gluten.

What have you loved from February?

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  • Reply Jess March 31, 2015 at 9:09 pm

    Thanks so much for recommending that make-up!! I’m in love with it!

    Also, Grace is awesome and her book was fabulous!! I hope she writes another one soon!!!!

    • Reply Erika May 7, 2015 at 10:52 am

      So glad the makeup is working for you as well! Did you know Grace has a second book coming out??

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