Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day! And with that I received a bunch of texts wishing me happy singles day! Thank you everyone for reminding me of this, as if I forgot.


I grabbed lunch with my family to celebrate my grandmother’s 83rd (82nd?) birthday! She was so happy to see me there. After this I headed back to Toronto to spend the evening with my roommate and our friend, Dan.

Dan came over around 6:30pm/7pm and we ordered some pizza and bread sticks and popped open the wine and beer bottles. We decided before hand to not watch rom-coms. We went with an action movie and then comedies.

The evening started with Django, which I had not seen, but the other two had. Then the pizza arrived! For the second movie we couldn’t a agree on anything, and spent probably close to 20 minutes scrolling through Netflix trying to find something. In the end Dan clicked on Zoolander before we had a chance to say no and once it started we didn’t care enough to stop it.

Dan left soon after this, as it was after midnight and he had to walk home in the -38 (?) degree weather with the windchill.

Then the roommate and I watched Mean Girls and then started Mean Girls 2 but gave up on finishing it because it really isn’t a good movie.

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