To-Dos & Errands on a Saturday

On the weekend I try to get all my to-dos and errands finished on Saturday so that I can relax and do lunch prep on Sunday. Today was the same.

My alarm went off around 8am but I turned it off and slept until 9, and woke up feeling more refreshed and ready for the day. I headed for the kitchen to make some breakfast and coffee. I am limiting my coffee for when I feel like having a treat and enjoying it. I don’t drink coffee everyday, I tend to only drink tea. While I waited for my espresso to brew I had a bowl of corn flakes and almond milk. After the espresso was ready I remembered that I have a milk frother, and decided to frothed some almond milk.

IMG_0089_web IMG_0090_web

I usually try to make my to-do list while I have breakfast but today I forgot and didn’t get around to it until I was on the subway. While I had my coffee I worked through some emails that came in over night, some freelance items, and watched Chuck, which I am re-watching on Netflix. I took a quick shower, keeping my hair dry, which I washed yesterday and used some dry shampoo on today to help it look fresh. I did simple makeup and put my contacts in today so I could throw my sunglasses on quickly and also avoid frosted lenses when entering warm buildings.


Part of my to-do list for today, and what I have completed before I got back home

Today I went with my grey jeans, a simple v-neck t-shirt, and a light cardgin. I wanted to cover my arms with something light, because I was going to be inside stores and on the subway today, but had to wear my winter coat outside, so a light sweater was needed to keep my warm outside but not over heated inside.

Most of my errands could be done at one subway stop, minus buying wool at Michaels. I started with that to get the small easy item out of the way, and then made my way the Eglinton Centre to get the grocery items, return the pen to chapters, and thankfully found out there is a Canada Post there as well. I also checked the clothing stores there to see what they had, and ended up buying a nice bag from Smart Set and the new FitBit Charge HR from Chapters (only store that I have been able to find them at) and then I headed home.

Once home I unpacked my groceries, changed into sweat pants and throw Chuck back on the tv to listen to while working. I’ve got to finish up the computer related items on my list, and bake some gluten-free banana bread later. I also need to finally finish this book I can’t stand but was for bookclub.

How is your Saturday?

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