The Imitation Game

On Saturday the roommate and I walked up to the movie theatre to catch The Imitation Game. She had messaged me during the day (while at work and I was sitting at home (re)watching Chuck on Netfilx) to see if I was free and if I wanted to do anything. We were both battling colds and didn’t want to do much but still wanted to go out. After looking at the lists, which didn’t offer many good options, there were only two movies I wanted to see (this and The Theory of Everything).

The roommate had a two for one pass and a free popcorn and two pops! Yay free-ness! Because we are us and we can never show up to a movie on time, which usually isn’t a big deal but this time it was, we had to sit in the second row. Hence we took our shoes off, slid down, and put our feet up to try and get a better view of the whole screen.

Overall I really liked this movie. I thought it was really well written and I could see the struggles that not only the team went though to crack Enigma, but also what Alan Turing suffered. It was heart breaking at the end to know how smart this man was and because of one thing he couldn’t finish his dream. This isn’t a spoiler, it’s in tiny text before the credits and he was a real person, it’s not a story. And I also didn’t really say what happened.

Anyways, I am glad we saw this. I didn’t really know much about the story before hand. It was also eye opening to see how things were in the 20’s and 50’s in Britain. My mom and spent a bit of Sunday texting about The Imitation Game and Alan Turing. She has seen a documentary¬†on him and now plans to see the film.

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