Tech in Motion

Last week was a short one because of an Ontario Holiday, hence I only hit up one event after work, but it was a good one.

The Tech in Motion event was held at a local bar by Job Spring Partners. They specialize in helping people find jobs in tech. Gwen from work and I went over to pitch the hackathon we are organizing and give away a couple of prizes.

I spoke with a few people from Bubl Cam, a camera that can take 360º for one photo. They demoed it and took a photo of the group. Then Gwen stood on the chair to talk about the hackathon and suggest people put their business cards in a fish bowl to win our prizes. We gave away a Nomiku and a Sphero.


After about 40 minutes I drew two names. Well four names. The first two people that I drew for the Nomiku did not come forward, and therefore I drew another name, even though I knew the second person was still there.

We stuck around for most of the event talking with a few people we knew and meeting a few new people. And then hit up the Jack Astor’s down the street for some snacks.

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