Yoga in the Office

Yesterday we do yoga in the office! My good friend Melissa is a yoga instructor and had an audition to teach at a gym club and wanted to do a run through before hand. I gathers (more like super requested) two of my co-workers to join us, which because they are nice people agreed to be a part of this.

We were suppose to have the class at her “day-job” office but due to renovations that were happening we held it at my “day-job” office. (See our pretty pile of tech gadgets in the back right of the photos?)


It was a lot of fun and I am hoping to attend some of her classes and actually get back into yoga. I used to attend a class every Wednesday night but once I moved to the city and changed gyms I lost that yoga instructor that I enjoyed, that pushed us to try harder poses.

Thankfully I can still do an arm-assisted handstand.

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