Steam Whistle Tour

Last night a group of my co-workers and I (plus my roommate) walked over to the Steam Whistle Brewery for a tour! Our New York staff member was in the city for two weeks and we wanted to provide him with something interesting in our city. And none of us had ever been.

The tour starts off with a small sample beer. You gather your group upstairs and put your coats and bags in closets (or behind the bar if you want to have your bag protected by the bar staff) and then end over to meet Betty (I think her name was Betty) the giant beer fridge. And then with a cold bottle of Steam Whistle in your hand the tour of the brewery starts.

The tour goes through all the steps of making beer, as well as the history of how Steam Whistle Brewery was started, which I won’t give away… People were able to try the hops, which both guys from our team did eat and were rewarded with another bottle of beer at the end of the tour. We saw how the bottles were cleaned, the bottles were filled, and the lids put on.

Fun fact: Steam Whistle reuses their beer bottles to help recycle the glass bottles into new beer bottles.


At the end of the tour you are welcome to grab another sample and pick up your tour gift (I choose the bottle opener before realizing I don’ usually drink beer from bottles with pop-off tops). We each grabbed the sample and took a seat at the picnic tables to chat about life outside of work for a bit. At which point we moved on, some of us home (me!) and others to grab dinner (also me, but it was pizza pizza which I took home).

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