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Tonight I went to the gym feeling good. And then somehow during the warm-up, I started to feel down. I wanted to just claim my shoulder hurt and go home. But I stuck it out and kept going through the warmup, and then started warming up for clean and jerks. I decided to do a full squat clean and a split jerk (it was a fair game day). My shoulder has been doing limited jerks for weeks since my old dislocated injury was acting up again (from working too much on pull-ups).

Like usual, I started at 65lbs. This tends to always be my first lift warm-up weight before we start the clock. I don’t like jumping from an empty bar to 85lbs, and not knowing how my shoulder was going to react I wanted to keep it lighter. My max before was 95 at 5×2. But this felt great. The clean felt amazing and smooth and it kind of threw me off.

I couldn’t stop smiling.

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Working on Skills

A couple weeks ago I worked on my javascript skills at work and came up with two code blocks to save us time when building sites in different countries.

This weekend I worked on some CrossFit skills.

Lately, you can find me after class doing pull-ups. I can loop them before class, I’m at 6. But in metcons, I’m tired and I lose my ability. So I’ve been working on them when my arms are dead after class.

Saturdays at my second gym with my personal trainer working on movements, strength, and things I need more one-on-one with because trying to learn things in metcons is challenging, like toes 2 bar. This weekend my trainer was on vacation (good for her!). Instead of skipping the day I went to my normal gym and worked on my own things. I missed Friday’s snatch complex, so I started with that. Snatches are my favourite. And I’m really good at them. My weight isn’t high but I’ve got the movement down (cleans, not so much). And then I did some front squats, working on my depth and building while trying to keep depth and listen to what the Monday Night Squat coach tells me every week.

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Annotations, Reviews

Annotations: What The Hell Did I Just Read

by David Wong (3rd in the John Dies at the End series which I love)

  • Either way, the call is always coming from inside the house.
  • If it’s not threatening you, just let it be
  • recent Disney movie. It was about a princess who has to learn to be independent or something.
  • delicate drizzle that feels like a ghost is silently sneezing in your face
  • People can either feel unconditional love, or they can’t
  • I’ll tell you right now, if there’s such a thing as fate, it can eat a bag of dicks.
  • I don’t need a doctor, I need work. I need a reason to get out of bed in the morning.
  • Society is nothing more than people cooperating with other people they’d much rather murder.
  • Bitch, your ego could blot out the sun.
  • Jesus, you don’t just sneak up behind people and start spouting wisdom at them.
  • Love is not always a two-way street, sometimes you pour your energy into something that never gives back.
  • sadness demon
  • I guess we were letting this thing make food for us now.
Between starting this book and the pervious one below I started and got half way through two other books, both of which I got bored of and have currently given up on. Everything I Never Told You & American Gods.
Annotations is a series of excepts from the books I am reading this year. When I finish each book I go through the lines I have marked and share them with you.
Annotations, Reviews

Annotations: You’ll Grow Out of It

by Jessi Klein

  • midcentury emotionally withholding
  • “take care of your own bird”
  • into men who would best be described as consistently horrible.
  • you have a tape that’s playing in your head. You need to decide to stop playing the tape.
  • want to be sexy and comfortable and I want men to want to unwrap me like I’m a Christmas gift, but I also want to be left alone and take a nap
  • At this point in the monologue, I had the sudden realization that the completely illogical circular argument I was building was not unlike what men must tell themselves as they plan to murder their wives.
Annotations is a series of excepts from the books I am reading this year. When I finish each book I go through the lines I have marked and share them with you.
Annotations, Reviews

Annotations: A Conjuring of Light

by V. E. Schwab
Shades of Magic #3

  • It doesn’t matter what someone is. Only what they think they are.
  • Dawn to dusk
  • A fresh start. A good end.
  • Progress was a process, change took time, a winter before every spring.
  • “Do you miss me?” His gravelly tone seemed to linger in the air. // “Like an itch,” she murmured.
  • She was fierce, and powerful, and terrifying.
Annotations is a series of excepts from the books I am reading this year. When I finish each book I go through the lines I have marked and share them with you.
Annotations, Reviews

Annotations: Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits

by David Wong

  • Then one day he’ll find out his life is all wrapping paper and no gift.
  • I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to forget I ever met you.
  • There’s just slamming your head into the wall, refusing to take no for an answer.
Annotations is a series of excepts from the books I am reading this year. When I finish each book I go through the lines I have marked and share them with you.

Natural Born Killers killed it!

On Saturday I competed in my first crossfit competition, it was also a partner competition, and the anniversary BBQ of my box. One of my gym friends asked me to be her partner for it, of course I said yes – someone wants me to be their partner? Me? I’ve only been doing this for 4 months and you want me? – and our coach gave us the name Natural Born Killers and we were placed in the Women Scaled group.

We were asked to come for 8:30am, with the first heat in the first wod starting at 9am. I came a bit early because of course the TTC was down this weekend and I had to take an Uber (I could have biked there but biking home would have killed me, the walk home did). A couple others had also arrived early, so we went to grab coffee to help wake up more. I didn’t sleep the night before, I was too nervous. Continue Reading


Four Months of Crossfit

July 14th will mark four months of crossfit and a lot about me and my love of crossfit has changed in that time. I now go 5-6 times a week, usually Monday to Friday, and Sundays. I’m not big on partner workouts so I tend to skip Saturdays and run or just lift instead. Here is a wrap up of how my four months have gone!

My coach has gotten me over my fear my box jumps and I’ve stopped doing step-ups, unless my legs have gotten really tired from thrusters. I actually know the name of almost all the lifts/components! My front squat has gone from barley considered a squat at 55 lbs to ass-to-grass at 115lbs. I actually know how long it’ll take me to run 1000m (with a hill) and row 2000m. My shoulders have gone from weak (training bar only, 15lbs) to strong (100lb push press). I’m still working on my overhead squats, jerks, and snatches, I can get to about 75lbs and then I bail out.

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Crossfit Foundations

I’ve been watching the Crossfit Open the last couple of weeks and have been getting bored at the gym doing my own thing so I wanted to give this a try, everyone looks like they are having fun but that it’s super challenging, which is totally my kind of thing!

After looking at the different gyms (boxes?) in Toronto I picked one that is semi-close to my place, I still need to take transit, but they offer a variety of class times and a foundations program to help people get started. I really liked this idea! Also, their Instagram account showed me what the gym looks like, what their athletes are doing, and what they offer – which is great for someone with social anxiety that needs a little bit more information to get themselves doing something new, and alone. Continue Reading